Nightmare virus

It's my first story I ever wrote, so please don't hate me for it!!! :)


1. May

I hear the fire creeping up behind me, its poisonous fingers reaching for me. I quicken my pace, but it doesn't help, the fire just catches up with me again. I am exhausted and I am desperate to stop to rest, but I am running through a completely empty field with just tall grass in sight. I trip and fall right into the flames. I wake up with a scream of excruciating pain. I hear footsteps, so I pretend to sleep so that they don't inject me with that substance that causes my nightmares. I try to calm my breath. It's too late, now calming down is futile. They'll give me that liquid that I dread the most now anyway. I don't pretend to sleep and don't even bother to close my eyes when the doctors arrive with the big syringe filled with a clear liquid. As usual, an injection in the neck and the nightmares pull me back into their arms. This time, I am in an aquarium my size and it starts slowly filling with water, giving me no way of escape. I try to end this torcher by diving down into the water, but this attempt to resolve the nightmare results in me being ripped to pieces by sharks. I wake up again, but still pretend to sleep as I try to come up with a plan how to escape from the nightmares. Two months I have suffered in this hospital, two months that I haven't seen my family.  The doctors took me in after the war with Saturn, where I was infected with the deadly virus of influenza. Some people said that before, there were treatments against it, but I doubt it. This virus mutates as we create new cures against it. I am the only person with the highly mutated version of influenza III, which causes horrible nightmares every time you close your eyes. To be precise, I am the only sane person with this virus. That's why they took me in. They didn't find a cure yet, but they observe my brain as I hallucinate and merge the worlds of nightmare and reality together.

When I wake up, I feel excruciating pain in my leg. When I slightly lift myself to see why, I unwillingly let out a howl. Where my leg used to be, there are only bones left, connected by some kind of wire with electricity running through it. Suddenly, my gagging reflex kicks in and I fall back onto the white covers with nothing to vomit with. The doctors arrive again, and I am happy to be swallowed back into my nightmares. But the nightmares don't come. For the first time in months I got a few hours of peaceful sleep. When my consciousness comes back, I feel that my second leg is gone too. I try to contain it, but I break out in uncontrollable sobs. Even if I am cured, I will stay a cripple for the rest of my life. Who would want to care after me? I fall into the darkness of the next nightmare and it doesn't come again. I am being cured, after all. I only wish that I could keep my legs. When I wake up, my arms are gone too. What's happening? Are they trying to kill me? Before injecting me with the next dose of liquid, one of the masked figures leans in to my ear and whispers "Your body is whole, don't worry about that. The worry of you getting put of this is mine too...". I am startled, but my mind is lured back into the heart of fear. I hear muffled voices. Feet shuffling towards me. I see a glimpse of another round of doctors around me before I am blindfolded and carried somewhere. From the quiet conversations of the doctors I find out that they are bringing me to the execution room. I try to hit and kick the doctors, but I remember that they aren't there anymore.

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