Nightmare virus

It's my first story I ever wrote, so please don't hate me for it!!! :)


4. May and Alice

What's wrong with that Alice? She doesn't know me and she already tries to 'save' me...I might be some kind of criminal, who knows. She doesn't understand..she might be some kind of genius, but she doesn't understand that they either cure me or I die. I will go crazy if those nightmares don't end! I just got some food, but it is just a very little portion. Being treated like an actual prisoner isn't that bad...There she is! My 'guarding angel', she finally came back for me! Is she really going to do something or just stare at me in this weird way? Oh, I get it! She likes me and wants to 'save' me so that she can get into my heart. Unfortunately that won't work on me.


Oh, great! He's awake, but he looks at me like I did something wrong. Uh-oh...they told him something that made him upset...I told them not to go into his cell! Why can't anybody listen to me for once?! "Look, I know your plans and you can just about leave me here 'cause I wouldn't want to break your heart" he says, looking me directly in the eye. No, he knows! But how? Did I make it too obvious? I take a sudden interest in correcting my blazer that, what a coincidence, didn't look like it should. "What makes you think that you know my plans?" trying to sound serious in this situation is crucial, but of course, my voice cracks at the end. How convenient for May...


"Well, well, well...Miss genius got attached to me! That's the only reason you want to save me. But unfortunately, honey, that won't work to get me to like you through just getting me out of here. I don't need to be neither saved nor felt sorry for! Goodbye and have fun developing a way to get me out!!!" at the end of the sentence my voice grew so loud that she started to retreat to the back of the room. Suddenly, I started to regret what I said to her. Her heart was probably already broken from the things I said...


Tears well up in my eyes, no matter how hard I try to hold them back. The white walls of the room and May sitting in the middle become blurred. I know I shouldn't have gotten so attached to him, my mind just couldn't help it. That thin figure dressed in white lying in the otherwise empty room always reminded me of a fallen angel. Sometimes, when his screams of fear would reach me through the thick walls, I would imagine white wings below him...a fallen angel refusing to die on earth. His eyes always drew me closer, I was tugged towards them in my dreams even. But reality comes back and tears stream down my face in rivers. I want to leave him behind, go home and distract myself, yet I want to stay. I see something move towards me in the blur, and strong, even if thin arms close around me. I see the white robe and the warmth engulfs me.


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