Nightmare virus

It's my first story I ever wrote, so please don't hate me for it!!! :)


3. Alice

This May boy is very strange. I'm sure that he is special. The way his body reacts to the virus, the way he reacts to the medicines. There is some dark secret behind his past for sure. I have to save him, get him away from the horrors that await him. I look into his eyes to see what he is up to, but I get lost in them. Oh, his beautiful eyes! Golden in the sunlight. Almost glowing in the dark. Shining with pain of the past. Pain. That is what I feel now. Not pity, not hatred, but pain, incredible pain.

I feel something wet his my cheek and I realize that he spit at me. I make a grimace of anger and I slap May just for show. He pulls me right in front of his face and says "Time for you to leave. I am about to fall into a nightmare again." I pretend to knock him out and walk out of the room. We aren't a bad team, us two. "You had your fun?" boss asks. "Yeah, he won't be recovering anytime soon. Just put some food in his cell every day."

Hey guys! Sorry for the long break, I was just missing inspiration! I'll update soon.

PS: sorry for the sappy moment. I just needed to get that off my mind before it escalated into something inappropriate... :)

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