Love and Despair

When Sam Pottorff meets Savannah Moran its love at first sight, until one day he makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Who is gonna be there to pick up the broken pieces? Read to find out?


8. chapter 8

 Savannah's POV

  "STOP!" I yelled at the two boys fighting. They didn't listen to me. They just kept punching and kicking each other. Next thing I knew I was throwing myself into the middle of the fight, trying to stop it. Then I heard Amber yelling at me to get out. Connor grabbed me out of the middle of the fight. JC grabbed Sam while Ricky and Trevor pulled back Kian. I walked up to both of the boys and screamed at them "what the hell is going on!"

"Why would you kiss him!" Sam yelled at me.

"Wait what!" Amber yelled. Everyone was still watching us.  

  "So, what if I did. Its not like I am dating anyone." I said. 

"Savannah, Come on. Don't start anything that your gonna regret." Trevor said. 

"NO!"I yelled at him.

"I can do whatever I want and no one can tell me I can't." Thats when I walked up to Kian and crashed my lips right onto his. Everyone stood there standing. Kian got into the kiss. The Fireworks still were there. The only thing that could make this moment more perfect was if I still wasint in love with Sam. The bell then rung which caused everyone to leave and go to class except for me, Kian, Amber, JC, Ricky, Trevor, Connor, and Sam. Kian and I pulled out of the kiss and we just all stood there staring out each other until I just walked away. 

*Skip to after school 

I was at my locker getting my backpack when Amber and Connor came up to me and said "So can we please talk about what happened today." 

"Theres nothing to talk about." I said and closed my locker and started walking away. 

"Where are you going?"Connor called after me.

"Home." I said and just walked to my car.  When I got home I just collapsed onto my bed and let out a loud moan. I was so happy that this day was over. I just lied in my bed with my eyes closed while I listened to music and eventually I fell asleep

. ~~~DREAM~~~      

 "Savannah why are you still in bed you are going to be late for school." Trevor said coming into my room. 

"I am not going to school!" I am said crying. " Trevor I don't know what to do I am to depressed with what happened with Sam and now I might have feelings for Kian and I just don't know what to do."  Three weeks later  "Savannah its been three weeks and you haven't left your room. Sorry to say it but you look terrible."  Another week gone by  "Savannah look who is here." Trevor said and Amber walked into my room.  "Hey Savannah" Amber said. I didn't respond.  "Savannah look you really need to get out of the house and do something. Stop being so sad. Forget about everything and start over!"  ~~~DREAM OVER~~~ 

I woke and looked over at my clock and saw that it was 6:30. I got up and started getting ready for school. The words in my dreams 'Forget about everything and start over.' were stuck in my head. I decided that I would actually start over. New look, new attitude, new hobbies, just a new me.  I started getting ready for school. Instead of wearing my usual cute little sundresses I decided to wear a tight black crop top that showed almost my whole stomach with a very short black skater skirt with my black vans and a red flannel tied around my waist. I then decided instead of doing my usual light makeup to do a smokey eye effect with red lipgloss. I looked into the mirror and I didn't even recognize myself but I kinda liked it. I needed this change. I looked at myself one more time preparing myself for the day ahed of me. Then I went downstairs to find Trevor sitting on the couch playing on his phone. When he saw me he said," umm.. Who are you and what have you done with my sister?"

"Haha very funny" I said sarcastically" I just wanted a new look now come on I want to get to school early to sign up for the cheerleading tryouts." 

"You are gonna do cheer?" Trevor said.

"Yeah why not?" I asked. 

"Because that is not who you are. Come on Savannah I know you have been through a lot lately but is this how you are gonna react to it? Dressing like a total slut and then gonna try to hang out with sluts?"

 "DONT CALL ME THAT!" I yelled at him. 

"I'm sorry Savannah.. Come on let's just go." He said.  Our whole car ride was completely silent but it was good it gave me time to think. Think about how people were going to react to me and how I was going to react. We finally arrived I grabbed my bag and got out of the car leaving Trevor behind. I walked into the hall and everyone was starting and I heard people whispering it was just like the day when Sam and I broke up but only this time I was confident and walking in with my head held high. I went to my locker and then headed to the courtyard where the cheerleading sign up sheet was. I signed my named proud and headed off to my first period.  After second period we have a twenty minute break and I was at my locker when Connor, Amber, Ricky, Trevor and JC came up to me. 

"Hey Guys!" I said. 

"Hey Savannah.." Connor said awkwardly. 

"Look Savannah I am just going to come out and say it we are worried about you. I mean look at you-" I cut Amber off and said

"Guys I am fine you don't have to be worried about me. It's still me I am just Savannah 2.0. " I closed my locker and walked away leaving them standing there. I walked into the courtyard where I saw Sam sitting with a bunch of his Friends. He had a couple bruises on his face from his fight with Kian the other day. I casually walked past trying to make him jealous. I caught him starring at me and then I turned away and when I turned back I saw him standing right in front of me. 

"Oh hey Sam!" I said. 

"Hey." He said "um you look great." 

"Thanks.. Um... Was there anything you wanted to say to me I have to get to cheerleading tryouts." 

"Your trying out for cheer?" He asked me. 

"Why does everyone have a problem with that." I asked clearly irritated.

 "It's just um.. When we were going out you always said how the cheerleaders were just mean girls looking for attention." 

"Well opinions Change just like my opinion on you." And with that I walked away.

When I got to the field there I saw a bunch of girls standing in a line and the cheerleaders looking at everyone. I quickly joined the line and the cheerleaders began talking. "Welcome ladies today is the start of cheer tryouts. We are going to be looking around just to make sure you have the right look and narrow it down to only five of you. Tomorrow the five of you that are still left standing will be taught a routine and we will see how well you perform it with the group. Then only one of you will be brought onto the squad. Okay? Let's begin." The cheerleaders began going up to each of the girls seeing it they we right for the part meaning how skinny you were, how big your big your boobs were and even how you dressed. I do have to admit it as a little bit unfair but I needed to make this team. Within the end of the 20 minute break I was one of the five people standing and tomorrow I would compete for that one spot.  The bell rang and everyone rushed to class. The day went on and Lunch Rolled around. When I got to the cafeteria I went and Sat with my group well everyone except Sam was there. Everyone was still not talking.  "So how we cheer tryouts?" Trevor asked.

"I am a finalist tomorrow is my final tryout."

  "Wait you are trying out for cheer?" JC asked.

"Yes!" Everyone just looked at eachother and began laughing.

"What?" I asked clearly irritated.

"Savannah you can't dance." Ricky said.

"Yes I can!" I snapped back

"No you can't" Connor said! "Whatever I am gonna make this team!" I said and went back to eating my lunch. Kian was being kinda quiet. I forgot to grab something to drink so I got up and walked over to the vending machine and bought a bottle of water. While I was waiting for my water I felt someone come up from behind me and grab my ass. I turned around and recognized the guy, he is on the football team. I think his name is Ian. I gave him a dirty look and turned my head back around and grabbed my water. I started walking away when he grabbed my arm and our face was centimeters apart. "What do you want?" I growled at him. "You!" He said. I felt his hand run down my back. In the moment I didn't know what came over me and I lent in and kissed him. I felt no sparks. I mean I don't even know this guy. I am not even sure if his name even is Ian, now that I think about it I think it might be Max. We pulled out of the kiss and I saw that everyone was staring at us. I just walked away and went back to my table with my friends. Something new has happened to me and I think I kinda like it. When I sat down at the table they all just  stared at me until Amber broke the silence "look Savannah we are happy that you are finally getting over Sam but is this all really necessary?" 

"Is want necessary?" I asked clearly knowing what she was taking about. "THIS! The new look, new attitude, new everything." Trevor said getting clearly annoyed with me.  "Look guys, okay I did change but I think it's for the better. You guys will see." 

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