Love and Despair

When Sam Pottorff meets Savannah Moran its love at first sight, until one day he makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Who is gonna be there to pick up the broken pieces? Read to find out?


7. Chapter 7


 Savannah's POV

So today is my first day back to school since my breakup with Sam and to be honest I'm terrified. 

"Savannah Hurry up, We are going to be late for school!" I heard Trevor scream from downstairs. 

"Coming!" I answered back. I ran downstairs, grabbed my backpack, and a pop-tart and then got into the car with my brother. Trevor looked at me and he could tell that I was nervous. 

"Everything is going to be fine." Trevor said. 

When we got to school we parked the car and I started walking towards my locker, people were just staring at me. I mean I was pretty popular at my school. Everyone new who I was and word travels around fast at my school so I am not surprised that people were staring at me, I mean like more then half of these people haven't even known me without Sam. He was like my other half. This is gonna take some time to get used to. When I got to my locker Ricky, Amber, and Connor were waiting by it. 

"Hey Girl!" Amber said when I got to my locker. 

"Hey" I said not as enthusiastic as she did. 

"Come on! Turn that frown upside down!" Ricky said. 

"Thanks guys, but I am fine." I said

Are you sure?" Amber asked. 

"Yeah I'm sure." I said getting my stuff out of my locker. "Now lets get to class." 

We all started walking towards our first period when we saw Sam and the boyfriend stealer. Connor grabbed my hand. I looked at him and gave him a smile. Sam just stared at us as we walked past him. 

"I havent talked to him once." Amber said. 

"Come on Amber, don't ruin your relationship with your brother just because our relationship is over." I said as we arrived at our classroom. 

"Amber he didn't just hurt you. He hurt all of us by lying and giving up his trust and seeing you get hurt, hurts me." Amber said as she sat down in her seat.  

Amber, Ricky, Connor and I just started talking about random things because we had a couple of more minutes until the bell rings. I then felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see that its Sam.  

"Hey Savannah." He said. 

"Hey." I said in a soft whisper voice not looking at him. 

"Will you please talk to me?" He said in a calm voice grabbing my hand. When he grabbed my hand I quickly pulled it away from his. I missed him holding my hand. But I was really getting pissed now. I stood up from the chair and screamed, 


"I DO LOVE YOU!" Sam screamed back at me. By now the whole class was dead silence watching us. 

"BULLSHIT!" I snapped back at him. 

"Please Savannah! Just give me another chance to make things right!" He said calmer then before. Then he grabbed my hands knowing that it was my weak spot. Thats when my eyes starting filling up with tears. 

I quickly pulled my hands away from his and slapped him right across the face. I don't know why I did that, something inside of me told me to. But boy did it feel good. 

"DONT EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!" I yelled at him after I had slapped his face. The bell for first period then rang and I ran right out of the classroom in tears. I then ran right into another body. 

"Savannah? Are you okay?" 

"Yeah Im fine." I said looking at the floor. Still not knowing who the other person is. 

"Savannah whatever it is you can trust me?" The voice responded. I looked up and saw Kian standing there. He then dragged me into a hug and I just cried into his shoulder. We stood like that for a couple minutes but then he pulled out and said, 

"Do you wanna talk about it?" I nodded my head 'no'.

"Come on you can tell me anything?" Kian said. 

"Its just everything. Everything is whats wrong. " I said.

"C'mon lets go for a walk." Kian grabbed my hand and lead me outside. 

"But what about class?" I asked stopping in my tracks.  

"Class can wait." 


We started walking out of the school and towards the park that was a block away. It wasint a sunny day but it wasint cold. It was a little cloudy outside. I felt a drop fall down on me. Then another one. Then another. Before I knew it was poring rain. Kian grabbed my hand and we went under a tree and we sat down in the poring rain. 

"I can't believe this." I said laughing. 

"What?" Kian asked. 

"Just everything." I said continuing chuckling to myself. I turned my head over to Kian and looked into his eyes. They were beautiful. I can't believe I have never noticed them before. And his lips. His lips were perfect and wait what am I thinking about! I love Sam! But Kian he is right here and it's just he's here for me and Sam he's not.

"Kian I-" I began to say but it was to late his lips were placed onto mine. We kissed for a few seconds, our lips in sync and fireworks shooting everywhere. I just knew it was wrong so I pulled away.

"Sorry" he said when I pulled out.

"No. It's okay." I said looking down and not at him.

"Savannah, I have liked you forever. And when Sam broke your heart, it hurt me so much. I would never do what he did you you. Just please give me a chance to show you."

"Kian. It's not that easy. I mean I just broke up with him. I don't even know how ready I am to be in another relationship." I said to him, my already broken heart breaking even more.

"I understand." He said. We were still sitting under the tree except now we were in complete silence.

"Maybe we should be getting back to class." I suggested.

"Yeah okay." Kian said and got up then helped me get up. We walked back to school in complete silence still soaking wet. Well, at least the rain had stopped. When we got back it was in the middle of our 20 minute break. I saw Amber, Ricky, and Connor sitting at a table and I walked over to them. Kian had just sort of disappeared.

"Savannah are you okay!?" Ricky asked as I sat down at the table.

"Yeah I'm fine." I said, not wanting to talk.

"Why are you all wet?" Connor asked.

"I got a little caught up in the rain, okay?" I said with a little bit of sass. I saw Connor, Ricky, and Amber exchange a look before Amber said, "let's go find you something dry to wear."

So we got up and went to go and get my clothes from my gym locker. It was a pair of volleyball shorts and a plain pink shirt. Nothing to bad. When I had finished changing I walked out of the locker room with Amber to find a big crowd of kids surrounding something. Amber and I quickly pushed our way to the front to see thee one thing that I was afraid of happening...


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