Love and Despair

When Sam Pottorff meets Savannah Moran its love at first sight, until one day he makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Who is gonna be there to pick up the broken pieces? Read to find out?


5. Chapter 5



    "Savannah,Sam! You guys have been up there for a while. I think its time you too come down and have some interaction with other people." Amber said.

Sam and I went downstairs, to see everyone eating pizza and watching Netflix. 

"Hey sis!" Trevor said as I sat down on the floor next to Connor. 

"Hey!" I said. Right now they were in the middle of watching Carrie. I quietly whispered to Connor. "Can I talk to you?" 

Connor and I got up and walked quietly into the kitchen.

"What's up?" he said. 

"So you now how I have always been dreaming about the perfect moment when it will happen." I said emphasizing it. 

"Ya" Connor siad "Did it?" 


                        ~~~~~~~Flashback over~~~~~~~~~~

"Savannah what are you doing here? Kian asked. 

"I came to see you." I said pointing at him while tripping over my own feet. 

"Woah! How many drinks have you had!" Kian said.

"I don't know." I said. I walked into his house. "Are your parents home?" 

"No. There on a business trip." 

"Good!" I said and leaned in to kiss him. My lips touched his lips for a second before he pushed himself off. 

"Savannah, what are you doing?" He asked. 

"I want you!" I said leaning in for another kiss.

"Savannah think about what your doing here." 

" I know what I am doing." I didn't. I was so drunk that I took off my shirt and tried to take his off to. "Lets go to your room. I started walking up the stairs when I tripped and banged my head. Kian ran right over and picked me up and put me on the couch. He then ran into the kitchen.

"Kian where are you going?" I said, drunk out of my mind. He then walked back in with some ice. He sat down on the couch with me and put the ice on my head. 

"Savannah, what happened to you? Why are you so drunk?" Kian asked  

"I went to Arianna's party and Sam was there with that girl." I said 

"Savannah I am so sorry." He said while grabbing my hand. Then my phone rang.

"Are you gonna get that?" Kian asked 

"No." I said. 

"I will be right back" Kian said and he got up and walked up stairs. A few minutes later he came down holding blankets and pillows. He put the first blanket over me and then lifted my head up and put the first pillow under it. He then got on the other side of the couch and put the second pillow under his head and the second blanket on top of him. 

"Thanks Kian." I said 

"Goodnight Savannah." He said. Then I fell asleep. 


"It did!" I said to Connor. 

"Savannah I can't believe that you lost your virginity!" He said a little to loudly.

"Shhh...! I know me neither!" I said. "I really like Sam and I think he really likes me too."

"You guys are so cute together!" Connor said. We then walked back to where everybody else was. They were just in the middle of picking another movie. 

"Mean Girls or Clueless?" Amber asked

"Mean Girls!" JC said. I went and sat next to Sam. 

"Okay so I think Mean Girls it is." Amber said.  Amber turned the lights off and we all just got comfortable watching the movie. Amber and JC on the couch. Kian and Ricky on on the floor by the door. Connor in the chair. Trevor on the floor right by the couch and Sam and I on the floor cuddling by the tv. 

By the end of the movie all of us were passed out. I woke up in the middle of the night to see Sam staring at me. 

"What?" I said giggling. 

"Your just so beautiful." He said and then leaned in to kiss me. 

                         ~~~~~~~~~Flashback over~~~~~~~~~~

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