Love and Despair

When Sam Pottorff meets Savannah Moran its love at first sight, until one day he makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Who is gonna be there to pick up the broken pieces? Read to find out?


3. Chapter 3

   Savannah's POV 

    I was still in Connor's room. He had just left and he made me feel a little better. But I was still really depressed.  I heard everyone talking outside. 

" What are we going to do about Savannah and Sam? They were so cute together." Amber said. 

"Yas." I heard Trevor said. "Hold on I will be right back."  

Next thing I know there was a knock on the door. "Savannah, can I come in?" 

"Sure." I said.

"Look Savannah. Sam is an ass for doing what he did. He is not worth it. Now come out of this room!!"  Trevor said. 

" I can't Trevor!" I said 

" Why not!" He said. 

"Because I just feel like I have made a big deal out of nothing!" 

"Savannah. You did just what anyone else would do." He hugged me. " So will you come out? " 

"Fine!" I said. Here's the thing about Trevor. He couldn't be anymore of an annoying brother, but I love him so much. 

   We walked into the room with everyone else to find Sam and Amber gone. 

"Where's Amber?" Trevor asked.  

"Oh, she took Sam home." Ricky said.  All of a sudden Trevor's phone beeped. He took it out of his pocket and looked at it, 

"It's mom, she wants us home." he said. Trevor and I said our goodbyes to everyone and then we left.    


"No what I don't have time for this Sam." Amber said and walked out of the room.       

"Wait so you guys are serious, you know about dating?" Connor said.   

"Why is no one taking this seriously?" Sam said clearly pissed now. 

"So, you are serious?" Jc said. Okay. Now I was pissed! 

"YES! We are serious." I said walking over to Sam and intertwining my hands with his. 

"Okay, then.." Jc said.  

              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flashback over~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        Trevor and I just pulled up to our driveway and he said, " I don't think we should mention any of this to mom."  I just nodded.    

        We walked into our house and our mom was in the kitchen. "Hey, How was your day?" 

"Fine." Trevor said. 

"And Savannah, how was your anniversary with Sam?" My mom asked. 

"Interesting" I said, trying not to cry.  

"How?" she asked. 

"Sam is cheating on me!" I said blurting out! 

"What!" my mom said.

"Savannah you weren't supposed to say anything!" Trevor said. I was very upset again. I just ran upstairs to my room. 

When I got upstairs to my room, I sat on my bed and cried. I turned on my phone to see I had 20 missed calls from Sam. I just ignored them. Then I saw I had gotten a text message from my friend Arianna, saying that she was having a party and invited me to come. I wanted to go, because I knew it would take my mind off of Sam. I got ready. As I was getting ready there was a knock at my door. 

"Savannah? Honey? You okay?" It was my mom.

"Ya. I am just going out with some friends tonight. " I said 

"Okay. Remember your curfew is 11:00" She said 

"Yes mom. I know. "  I got ready and got my outfit on. I wore I tight black cropped-top, with high wasted shorts. I then did my makeup. After I was done getting ready I got into my car I drove to Arianna's house. 


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