Love and Despair

When Sam Pottorff meets Savannah Moran its love at first sight, until one day he makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Who is gonna be there to pick up the broken pieces? Read to find out?


2. Chapter 2

     Savannah's POV 

"I can't believe Sam! Why would he do that?!" Amber said mad. I didn't say anything. I just sat on the couch crying with Amber sitting on my left with Connor on the right, Trevor sitting on the floor by my feet, Ricky sitting next to Connor, and Jc and Kian standing behind the couch. 

"I just don't understand why?! Why would he do this?! I thought he loved me?!" I said half crying and half yelling. Everyone was just comforting me right now, when we heard a knock at the door. 

"I'll be right back." Connor said getting up to answer the door.  

"Is Savannah here?" I knew that voice it sounded familiar but something was wrong with it. It was Sam! Had he been crying?  

"I don't think she wants see you now."  I heard Connor say to Sam.   

"Connor Please. I just need to apologize." He said. Trevor then got mad. He got up and walked to the door. 

"Sam, there's nothing you can say to fix this. " Trevor said to him.  I loved my brother.     

"Please I just need to say one thing to her." Sam pleaded. I was praying Connor didn't let him in, but he did. When Sam walked into the room where we were all sitting everyone just stopped and stared at him. I just looked down at my shoes pretending he wasn't there.  



It has been a couple of weeks since I met Amber, Sam, Kian, Jc, and Ricky. We have all become very close friends. We were all hanging out at Amber and Sam's house now doing homework.  

"Hey, Savannah. Can I talk to you?" Sam asked me. 

"Sure." I said standing up from the floor. I followed Sam into the kitchen. 

"I was just wondering if maybe you'd like to go on a date with me?" Sam asked. OMG was Sam asking me out. I had such a huge crush on him. No one new though. 

"Yes." I said. 

                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flashback over~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Savannah I am so sorry." Sam said walking up to me.  

" I dont understand. I thought you loved me." I said now bawling my eyes. 

"I do." He sid walking closer to me. 

" Then why would you cheat on me Sam!." I said yelling at him. I got up from the couch and ran to Connor's room.  I sat on the bed crying. I didn't know if I was sad or mad. I just couldn't believe Sam. A couple minutes later I heard a knock on the door. 

"Savannah, It's Connor. Can I come in." he asked in a very soothing voice.

"Ya." I said almost calmed down. 

"Are you okay?" He asked me sitting down next to me. 

"No." I said shaking my head and starting to cry again. Connor leaned in and hugged me. 

"Shh... dont cry. It's okay." He said making me feel better.   

" Did Sam leave?" I asked

"Yes. You should of seen the fight between Amber and Sam." He said. That is one thing. When Amber and Sam fight it is really ugly. I remember when Sam told everyone we were dating. 


 It was just after my first date with Sam. Things had gone great. We went down to beach and just hanged out. After we finished lying at the beach all day we decided to go get some ice cream at the pier. When we walked to the end of the pier where the ice cream shop was the sun was just setting and Sam grabbed by hand. He looked up at me and smiled and smiled back at him. He then lent in and kissed me. 

 It was so passionate. I felt sparks between us. I really liked him. 

"Will you be my girlfriend Savannah?" He asked me. 

"Yes." I said and he leaned back in and our lips touched.  

After the date when we went back to Sam's house. Everyone was there. When we walked in Ricky asked, 

"Where were you too?" 

"Look we have something to tell you guys." Sam said taking my hand. " We are dating."  

Everyone looked shocked. Nobody new what to say, finally Amber spoke up. 

"WHAT! You can't date my best friend Sam! It would just be to weird!"      

"So you don't approve?!?" Sam asked. 

"No I don't!" Amber said now yelling at Sam. I let go of Sam's hand and walked over to where everyone else was sitting. 

"Look Amber you can't tell me what to do!." Sam yelled at her. Right now they were  yelling back and forth at each other. I was surprised one of them didn't get punched in the face.  


         But ever since Amber has accepted Sam and I, she has been so supportive of us...... 


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