Love and Despair

When Sam Pottorff meets Savannah Moran its love at first sight, until one day he makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Who is gonna be there to pick up the broken pieces? Read to find out?


1. Chapter 1

Savannah's POV 

        Today was my 3rd year anniversary with Sam. I was so excited. We were going to go on a picnic in the park, then go to see a movie. I parked my car then walked to the front door. I knocked on the door and Mrs. Pottorff answered the door, 

" Hi Savannah. How are you?" She asked.

" I am good. How are you?" I asked. 

" I am good." She said 

" Is Sam here?" I asked 

" Ya. He is in his room. Go right on up." She said. I walked upstairs to Sam's room. When I got there I opened the door and saw a girl making out with Sam on his bed. I couldn't believe it. Was he cheating on me? 

I started to cry. Sam didn't even notice me until I let out a loud gasp. 

" Savannah!" Sam said staring at me. I ran out of the room and downstairs to the front door. As a was reaching for the handle Sam came down stairs and said, 

" Savannah, I am so sorry." He said getting teary-eyed and grabbing my wrist.  

" How could you do this Sam! And on our anniversary!" I said crying and running out of the house into my car. I drove to Connor's house. I knew I could trust him. We have been best friends since forever. 


 It was the first day of 9th grade. I was going to a new school, and was going to have new classes, and meet new people. I knew a few people from my old school. One was my best friend, Connor Franta. We have been best friends since we were little kids. I trust him with any one of my secrets. He is always there when I need him. The other was my brother Trevor. All three of us are really close. I walked into the school with my brother and met up with Connor and we walked to our first class. I was standing talking to Connor when a girl ran into me.

" I am so sorry." She said crouching down to pick up her fallen items.

"It's okay." I said crouching down to help her. "I'm Savannah." 

"I'm Amber." she said as we stood up. " You should come hang out with me and my brother and some of our friends after school." 

"Sure. As long as my friend Connor and my brother Trevor can come." I said looking over at Connor and  Trevor to see them playing on there phones. Of course they are  always on there phones. 

"Ya. That's okay. See you after school." She said and walking away. I walked over to Connor and Trevor and said, 

" Well we have plans after school." 

                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flashback over~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I pulled into Connor's driveway and walked to the doorstep still crying. I knocked on the door. Connor answered,

" Hey Savannah. How was your anniversary with Sam?" He said all happy like and then realized the expression.

" What happened?"  

" S-sam." I said sobbing now. I walked into the living and saw Jc, Kian, Ricky, my brother Trevor, and my best friend Amber.  

" OMG Savannah what happened?" Amber said getting up. I didn't want to tell her because her brother was Sam. 

"Connor can I talk to you alone please?" I said wiping my tears away. Connor and I walked into the kitchen. 

" Now will you tell what happened?" He said 

" So, when I got to Sam's house and went upstairs I saw him with another girl." I said trying to catch my breath. Then Amber walks in,

" Savannah what happened?" Then all of a sudden Jc, Kian, Ricky, and Trevor walk in. Everyone seemed so worried. 

" It's Sam. He's cheating on me. " Everyone seemed so surprised.   



My first day of High School was okay I guess. After school I met up with Connor and Trevor. I then found Amber, 

"Savannah!" She screamed. 

"Amber!" I said. She walked over to us. "This is my brother Trevor and my best friend Connor." I pointed to them.  

"I'm Amber." She said. "Follow me I will introduce you to everyone else." We followed her out of the front gate to the huge grass area in the front of the school. There I saw some boys sitting on the grass.

"Hey guys this is Savannah, Trevor, and Connor." She said introducing us to the group of boys. "This is Jc, Kian, Ricky, and my brother Sam."  

"Hi" I said. 

"Hey." I think it was Sam that said that. We all sat down on the grass and started to talk. 


       From that day on all of us had been really close friends. 


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