PJO/HoO Roleplay!

Be a Percy Jackson character! The title screams it. Read inside to sign up and all that stuff.


1. How it works


So,how this works is you comment who you want to be. I will make a list of available characters. You change ur user or 'full name on ur profile to your chosen character's name.


Pen Name: _Reyna_Arellano_

Full Name: Reyna Arellano

Choose one or both of them.

Then, when you comment or something, act like your character. Say, I was commenting on truth or dare and Reyna(my character) was dared to wear a dress for the rest of the game.


My comment: This dress is uncomfortable...

On your about you part on your profile that you are a part of this roleplay and that anyone may join.

When there are no more characters to choose from, you may create an OC. You are allowed to do the opposite gender of yourself for your character. I could be Nico if I wanted and I'm a girl in reality.

COPYRIGHT! No copying and if you do want to create one of your own, ask me and please say that in your roleplay book that you came up with this from me. I did get this from a very kind wattpadian, Hazel_Levesque_. LIST OF AVAILABLE CHARACTERS WILL BE UP ASAP! My character is Reyna, so you cannot choose her. Thank you for your time!

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