Fifty Shades Of Tomlinson

Everything happens for a reason, and city-girl Alyssa is just about to realize that....



2. chapter 2:

As I pulled into my usual spot at the building's large parking garage, I noticed a ton of screaming and crazy ass One direction fans. I made my way to the building from the parking garage. I opened the large doors leading to the first floor.

"ALLLLYYSSSAAA!!!!!!" I heard my co-worker Hanna shrike.

"Omg! Ur back I haven't seen u in sooo long" I replied

" I heard about you and Nick, that's fucked up how he took your virginity then left" "sorry kiddo"

"Yea, but I don't really know if it was like that"

She did a classic "Paigey Smirk"

"If that's what u want to think, be my guest, but I swear ur amazing and one day you will find a guy who will please you right, if you know what I mean" she smirked hugged me and walked away. I walked around the corner heading to elevator and made my way up to the fifth floor.

As I stepped out I saw my boss talking with a tall guy who I didn't recognize. I slowly approached them.

"Good morning" I polity interrupted them.

"Hey Alyssa, this is Mark, he works with One Direction" she professionally announced.

Mark stuck his hand out and offered a friendly smile. I accepted both. Then I walked away to go to the interview room.

I set my stuff down and took off my coat, pulled my top down a bit more so a bit more cleavage was able to be seen, I then read over the script and walked towards then big group of people.

All five boys were running around people, average 20 year old guys, right?, with the exception of a tall beautiful long haired man, who was none other than thee Harry Styles! A tallish woman who had very light blond hair was working on perfecting his hair. The woman had a small child, no older than 5 wrapped around her leg. My ex and me head ache were both left behind.

Mark gathered all the guys together. Louis shot me a quick glance, which almost looked sexual. Just the thought of getting fucked by Louis could get me going. I pushed the dirty thoughts to the back of my mind. I suddenly became unsure and nervous. I was about to interview the hottest boy band on the planet......

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