Fifty Shades Of Tomlinson

Everything happens for a reason, and city-girl Alyssa is just about to realize that....



1. chapter 1:


My phone went of, abruptly waking me up. I lifted my head only to drop it back down again, I slowly sat up and made my way to the bathroom to get some Advil. My head was killing me. It hurt like hell...I knew drinking last night wasn't going to be the best idea. I had to find a way to drown the pain somehow, and that was the only way I knew. I have work today, I need to just get over it....

Lately, work had been the last thing on my mind. I'm not complaining about my job, it's amazing.But I had been going out with a guy named Nick for like 9 months. Two days ago, he broke up with me. I felt like such an odor for giving him everything, including my virginity. I mean he was amazing to me, but all that just stopped.

After taking some Advil, I got showered, ate some breakfast, straightened my long, brunette hair, applied my usual makeup, and put on a SUPER cute new outfit. I grabbed my phone, keys, wallet, my coat, and walked to my new grey, Porsche. It cost a shit load of money, but it was worth it. As I drive through the city I started thinking.

I actually don't have that much to complain about though. I have an amazing apartment, in the middle of New York. Amazing friends. And most importantly, an amazing job. I'm an interviewer for ADB, America's largest celebrity update network. And I'm the head interviewer. I interview many celebrities and amazing people. Today was no exception. Today I got to interview One Direction, and I had an odd feeling about it.....

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