The Bulletproof Project

Alicia Graham is known for being bulletproof. She never lets anybody get in her way. And if they try, it doesn’t end well. She always told everyone who asked about her:

“Don’t worry about who I am or what I do. Just remember the bulletproof...”

Will she stay bulletproof forever, or will she end up being fired at?


1. 01

Sirens. Lights. Beeps. Bullhorns.


On a full speed police chase, trying to find a way to get away from them. Going in crazy directions, not knowing where I’m going myself.


“Alicia Graham! Pull over. We’ve given you too many chances. Pull over now!”


With a smirk, I speed up, buckling my seatbelt in the process. I made a sharp turn to the left, then one to the right. I lost half. Time to get rid of the rest.


I made a beeline to the state border, knowing that the police won’t be able to cross. As soon as I turned, I lost the other half, crossing the border. Perfect…


I drove for about six hours until I reached a hotel. When I walked inside, I slumped down on a couch.


“How may I help you?” I sat up and saw the bellman.


“Umm...Can I get a room for one?”


“Sure.” He turned around and grabbed a pair of keys and threw them to me.


“How much do I need to pay?”


“You don’t have to.” he said.


With a smirk, I walked upstairs to my room. Once the door was unlocked, I fell on the bed and got some sleep that I wasn’t able to reach about six hours ago.

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