Who Am I?

Ashton Irwin is my best friend. I usually travel to visit him while he is touring with his band. One day while I was in the car, a drunk driver hits me and flips the car over. I survived, but my memories didn't. I wake up and don't remember the faces that look back at me. Who is Ashton Irwin? Who am I?


6. Recovery

It's been a month since I the accident. Today I finally get to leave the hospital and go home with my "parents". The doctor hopes my memory will return if I'm by familiar things from my life. I still can't remember anything or anyone. The only memory I have is being in this hospital.

I walk behind my parents as they lead me out to the car. There are 4 boys waiting by it, one of them being the boy from before.

"Kairi! We're glad you're ok." The boy with the lip ring says.

"Do I know you?" I ask.

"Yeah. You met us once when we came to Ashton's place. We're his band mates." He said.

"You're in a band?" I ask curiously.

"Uh yeah. We're 5 Seconds Of Summer. You came here to see our show until..." The red head said.

"Oh. Sorry. I can't remember." I say apologetically.

"It's not your fault. We cancelled the show though, for Ashton." Lip ring said.

"Really?" I laugh.

"Yeah. So we was wondering if you wanted to come hang with us while you're still here. Maybe you'll remember something." Red head says.

"I don't think she's ready." My father says.

"No. I am. It's worth a shot." I say. "I'll come back later?"

"Alright." My mother mumbles.

"Ok. Let's go." Ashton says.


"This is a bad idea." I mutter sitting in the stuffed car.

"What? Why?" Ashton asks.

"I'm in a car filled with strangers who I have no memory of. Sorry for being cautious." I said.

"We aren't gonna murder you or anything. We're your friends." Luke says.

"Anyways, where are we going?" I ask.

"We are going mini golfing and go kart racing. Then we will end it with going to eat." Calum said smiling.

"Ok." I said quietly.

"Listen, you don't have to come if you don't want to." Ashton says, staring into my eyes like he is lost.

"No I want to try and remember. I can't be a useless piece of shit forever." I try to laugh and act happy, but they all can see right through me.

"We're not hear to make you remember, we're here to be your friends and have fun." Michael said putting his arm around me. I smile a little and stare out the window. I wish I could remember them....they seem really nice. They even cancelled their own concert for me. How close am I to them?

"We're here." Ashton says as he parks the car and gets out. We al follow and go to the desk outside to pay.

"Alright here you go." The man says as he hands us each a god club and a colored golf ball. Ashton gives me the purple ones.

"That's your..." Ashton says but I cut him off.

"My favorite color." I mumble. How did I remember that? As soon as I see it, it's like I seen this before.

"Yeah." Ashton said shocked.

"Alright let's go golf!" Calum yells.

I smile and follow him to the first hole. They let me go first and I hit the ball but it makes it no where near the hole.

"Great, so I suck at this." I laugh.

"You do, but you always have a blast playing it." Ashton says smiling at me.

"Winner gets to pick where to eat." Michael says hitting his ball right into the hole.

"Great, we're probably gonna eat pizza." Luke laughs as the ball goes flying past the hole.

"What's wrong with pizza?" Calum asks Luke.

"We eat it some much!" Luke yells.

"I think Kairi should pick." Ashton says.

"Um I don't know. Pizza sounds nice." I look down at my feet.

"Fineeee." Luke wines. "I guess it wont be so bad.

"We'll order some and go watch some movies at the hotel. We can go kart another day." Michael suggests.

"That actually sounds nice. I may be able to stay if Ashton is there. They said we spend the night all the time at my house." I smile, looking up at Ashton.

His eyes go big and he shakes his head. "You need to go home today. The plane leaves later. Like they said, we can't rush anything." He said.

"Oh ok." I said kind of upset. I shake off the sadness and we continue to play. I obviously get last place and Michael wins.

"Well that was fun, even though I only got one hole." He laughed.

"At least you got one." I told him. We all got into the car and went to the hotel.

"What movies do you wanna watch?" Calum asks me.

"Whatever you want. I don't care." I smile.

"Scary movies it is." He laughs evilly.

"No. She gets freaked out easy. Pick a comedy." Ashton says.

He knows so much about me. More than I know right now. I wish I could remember...even just a little.

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