Who Am I?

Ashton Irwin is my best friend. I usually travel to visit him while he is touring with his band. One day while I was in the car, a drunk driver hits me and flips the car over. I survived, but my memories didn't. I wake up and don't remember the faces that look back at me. Who is Ashton Irwin? Who am I?


1. Normal

Today is a normal day for me. Like any other day, I'm at the park taking photographs of all my surroundings. The summer breeze makes the grass sway back and forth and the branches dance, which brings more life to my pictures. Today is just a perfect day. I focus my view on a couple holding hands while they swing on the swing set. I snap a couple pictures and smile as I see how peaceful and happy they are. How can this day become any better? I turn around and see Ashton walking towards me with a big grin on his face. I laugh and walk up to him.

"Why are you so happy today?" I ask as we walk towards a bench near the big oak tree's.

"Because I'm spending it with my best friend of course." He said nudging my shoulder. I nudge him back and lay my head on his shoulder. I watch the other couple share a passionate kiss and I instantly smile. I can feel Ashton glancing at me and I turn my head to look at him.

"You're only here for a week." I pout. He gives me a upset look and wraps his arm around my shoulders.

"I'm so sorry. If I could stay here forever, I would, but being in this band is a dream come true for me."

"I know Ash, I just miss having you around. You're practically my other half." I laugh. He laughs along with me and we stare up at the clouds. As we continue staring at the white puffy blobs in the sky, a bunch of girls show up.

"Ashton! Can I have your autograph?!"

"Oh my god, you are so hot!"

"Take a picture with me!"

"I love you!"

This was my cue to walk away. I got up and jogged a good distance and turned around to watch. Ashton smiled and did his thing with all the girls and for a second he glanced over at me with a apologetic look. I shrugged and pulled out my camera to take some pictures. I was used to getting dirty looks and even terrible comments on Facebook and Twitter, but that's what happens when your best friend's with a celebrity. Once Ashton was done, he ran to his car and drove down the road. I took a short cut through the field and found him hidden behind some tree's. I quickly jumped in and he sped off.

"I'm sorry Kairi. I didn't want that to happen."

"Hey, it's fine. Let's go to my place so we can at least have a lazy day."

Ashton smiled and turned up the radio a little bit.

"So are you gonna come visit me in London?" He asked me.

"Of course! I'm pretty excited about it." I giggled.

"I got you a front row ticket. I want my best friend right there with me." He said. I grabbed his arm and held on to it.

"Of course you did, you goof. I can't wait to see Luke, Michael and Calum again." I said. He gave me a weird look but it instantly changed once we parked inside my garage. He shut off the car and sat there.

"What's with the look?" I asked curiously, unbuckling my seat belt.

"Oh nothing. I thought you missed me more." He said pouting.

"Of course I did! But I can miss more than one person. I just missed you way more curly." I punched his arm and got out his car.

"Curly? You're gonna get it now." As soon as he said that, I ran for the door but once I made it, he pinned me to the door and tickled me until I couldn't breath.

"Stop it! Ash! I can't..breath!" I said trying my hardest not to die from lack or oxygen.

"Tell me you love me!" He yelled, tickling me even more.

"Never!" I screamed. Once he stopped, I gained control and quickly took my camera out to snap a picture of us.

"Another one?" He laughed.

"Yes. I want it for my photo album of us, this one will be called "The moment I almost died by the hands of Ashton Irwin".

"Aren't you cute." He said.

"Very." I smiled wickedly. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. We both smiled and I snapped the picture.

"I think this may be my favorite one." I said staring at the photo. I walked into the living room to see my dad napping on the couch. My mom walked in and went to Ashton.

"Sweetheart! I miss having you around all the time. How's the band?" She said hugging him so tight, he grabbed my hand for support.

"It's great. I'm having a blast." He said hugging her back.

"That's good. I'm making dinner, so you better be staying." She smiled and walked to the kitchen. We went into my bedroom and laid on my bed.

"Your mom missed me too much. I thought she wasn't going to let me go." Ashton laughed putting his hands behind his head.

"You know how she is with you. She never wants you to leave." I say as I set my camera on my desk and open my laptop to get on twitter. I have so many followers, only because I am Ashton's friend. I check my notifications and look at all the nasty comments I have. I feel Ashton's presence behind me and he turns my spinning chair around so I am facing him.

"Don't listen to them. They're jealous that you had me first." He said logging me off of Twitter.

"Ash, I'm used to it by now, so don't worry about me." I said. I opened my laptop again and went on my iTunes to listen to some music. I put it on shuffle and I'll Be by Edwin McCain comes on.

"I love this song!" I squeal. Ashton laughs and grabs my hand.

"Let's dance!" He says as he twirls me around and grabs my waist with his one hand and holds my hand in the other.

"Please don't step on my feet or you will suffer." I said evilly.

"I'll try not to, unless you do it to me."

"Not gonna promise anything." I laugh.

"This is gonna be our song. Ok?" He says pulling me closer to him.

"Ok." I said as I buried my face into his chest. I hoped he wouldn't feel the big smile spread on my face or see that I was kind of blushing. The song continued to play and we just silently swayed back and forth.

"Never forget me. Even when you're ninety and you get Alzheimer's." Ashton whispered in my ear. I stopped and looked up into his eyes.

"I will never forget you. Whatever happens, I will come back to you." I said.

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