Who Am I?

Ashton Irwin is my best friend. I usually travel to visit him while he is touring with his band. One day while I was in the car, a drunk driver hits me and flips the car over. I survived, but my memories didn't. I wake up and don't remember the faces that look back at me. Who is Ashton Irwin? Who am I?


2. Beach Memories

The next day we decide to go to the beach. It's the perfect day to relax and catch up before Ashton leaves this week. I lead him to my junky cavalier and hop in the drivers side.

"You're still driving this thing?" Ashton asks worriedly.

"Yeah. I can't afford a new one right now and no you are not buying me a car!" I yelled before he could even bring it up.

"Why not? This car isn't safe for you."

"I'll be fine. Stop worrying." I smile at him. He shakes his head and gets in.

"So you sure it's a good idea to go to the beach? I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get swarmed by girls."

"I am not going to let girls ruin my time with you at home. We'll go where I know no one hangs out at." I said smirking. Ashton laughs and looks out the window. Once we get to the beach, I park at the very end where no one likes to be. I grab my camera and bag and walk towards the water. Ashton follows and from the look on his face, I could tell he remembers what this is.

"This is where we first met." He said laughing.

"Yep. I remember it like it was yesterday. You was standing here behind this big rock because.."

"Some friends pranked me and took all my clothes. I remember." He laughed shaking his head. "Then you showed up with your camera and about fell in the water from seeing me like that."

"And then I gave you my clothes and I took you home and then we were instantly best friends. You are lucky I had a bathing suit on." I smiled.

"I know. That was so embarrassing." He said laying on the sand. I lay down next to him and we both look up at the sky.

"Could today just freeze?" I said.

"I wish it could. I love being with you."

"I love being with you too. I miss doing this everyday. But the memories I have with you are unforgettable." I said laying my head on his chest. His heart sped up and I giggled.

"What's so funny?" He asked.

"Nothing." I said sticking my tongue out at him. He stood up and picked me up over his shoulder.

"Time to swim." He said running towards the ocean.

"Don't you dare Ashton!" I screamed.

"Too late!" He said as he stood in the water. "You better beg!"

"Please Ash! It looks cold." I pouted. He shook his head and lowered me to where my butt touched the water.

"Ash! No!" I said and I kissed him on the cheek. He look stunned for a second but lifted me back up.

"What as that for?" He smiled.

"I'm begging! Pleaseeeeeeeee." I yelled laughing. He pulled my face up to his and glared at me.

"Say goodbye to the dry world Kairi." He smiled. Before I could even look, I crashed my lips onto his face, realizing that it was his lips. I pulled away and looked at him with wide eyes.

"Oh my god. Ashton! I thought it was you cheek! I'm so sorry." I said blushing. He froze up and hesitated. He threw me into the water and smiled. "I said I was sorry!" I said coughing up some water.

"For?" He said swimming closer to me.

"For accidently kissing you like that." I said hiding my face with my hands. He grabbed my hands and pecked my lips with his.

"There. We're even." He said. I blushed more and started to swim towards the shore.

We spent half the day there and soon we were right back to my house. He walked me up to my door and I paused before going in.

"Ashton. I am really sorry about what happened." I said.

"It's ok. We're still just best friends." He smiled.

"Yeah. Well I better get to sleep. It's almost time for our trip to London." I said cheerfully. I grabbed him ad pulled him into a big hug. He squeezed me back and held his hand out. I looked at it puzzled and he held out a seashell in the shape of a heart.

"I found this today and I wanted you to have it." He said handing it to me.

"Aw, Ash. I love it. Thank you." I said squeezing him one more time.

"Goodnight Kairi."

"Goodnight Ashton."



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