Victor of the Games

What if Katniss won the Games? Just her. Would she end up with Gale? Would the Capital still be after her? Will she end up with a normal life among District 12 standards?


1. The Reaping

Today was the Reaping. We were all worried about who would be picked. My name was in there 20 times. Gale's was in 42 times. This was also Prim's first year. I walked into the main room of my house and found Prim crying. "Hey Prim, calm down," I said as approvingly as possible. "They're not going to pick you. Your name is only in there once." I did her hair as I talked to her using soothing words. After she was dressed up, I went outside the fence and was going to hunt a while before the Reaping. As I pulled my arrow back and was about to let go to get a turkey, Gale popped up in front of me. I jumped and shot way up into the trees. "Gale!!" I yelled. "You cost me a dinner!" He just smiled and walked to a clearing. I followed and we sat down. We didn't want to talk about the Hunger Games starting or anything like that. I was most worried for Gale and Prim. I just hoped they wouldn't get picked. Eventually, he reached into his pocket and pulled out bread and handed some to me. "No way!" I yelled. "Is it real?" I took a bite before he could nod. "Thanks, Gale." We sat motionless again until we saw the Peacekeeper's cars starting to enter our district. "Well, I guess we'd better get going," I mentioned. He nodded and got up. I walked to my house and he went to his. 

When I got home, I took a quick yet good bath in our "bathtub". It was really just a container but we can't afford a bathtub. When I was done, I quickly put my hair up and put on my nicest dress. Then we were off to the Reaping.




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