Victor of the Games

What if Katniss won the Games? Just her. Would she end up with Gale? Would the Capital still be after her? Will she end up with a normal life among District 12 standards?


3. The Reaping Part 2

After I was dressed, we walked to the place where the Reaping was held. We gave a little bit of our blood and stood in our groups. I was with other 16 year olds. Prim was with the 12 year olds. A lady from the Capital gave a speech about the Games upfront and showed a video of President Snow, our leader. Then she was about to draw the names. "Ladies first," she announced. She put her and in the bowl and drew out a name. 

"Primrose Everdeen," she said while she smiled. I looked for Prim. This wasn't possible. She started walking slowly to the front. I jumped out into the path and fought the guards. Then I yelled, "I volunteer as tribute." I walked up the path and gave Prim a hug. She started crying but Gale grabbed her and pulled her away. God I was so nervous now. What if I fought someone I knew in the Games? What if it was Gale? All this ran through my mind while I was up on the stage. The lady from the Capital clapped politely. "Now, for our gentleman." She walked over the bowl filled with the males of our district. She drew a name out. "Peeta Mellark." I saw a guy about my age walk up the path slowly. He was hoping someone would volunteer for him. No one did. He made his way up to the stage. I got a good look at his face and I recognized him. He was the boy who threw me bread when my family and I were starving. The lady from the Capital CONGRATULATED us on being in a game about killing each other and introduced herself as Effie.  We had a few seconds to say bye to our family. I ran over and hugged my mom, Prim, and Gale. Prim was crying and I tried to get her to stop. "Gale," I said "take care of my family." He nodded and picked a crying Prim up and carried her away while I was taken to the train. I got on the train with Effie and Peeta and met a guy who always got drunk and that was our mentor, Haymitch Abernathy. I sat in a seat in the back and watched my district fade into the distance as we were headed into the Capital.


So tell me what you thought of this chapter and the whole story. I will update if people actually end up reading this. So I might update later today or tomorrow. So if anyone is reading this story, thanks!!!

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