Victor of the Games

What if Katniss won the Games? Just her. Would she end up with Gale? Would the Capital still be after her? Will she end up with a normal life among District 12 standards?


4. The Capital

I was watching everything go by when Peeta sat next to me. "So" he said. "You nervous?" "No" I replied sarcastically. "I just await my death in 72 hours" I turned away so he wouldn't talk to me. He waited a while but eventually went away. A few minutes later, I walked to the middle of the train and sat across from our mentor. He had long blonde hair. He was disheveled. He and Peeta were talking about how to find shelter. From what I heard, he wasn't telling Peeta. "How do you find shelter!" I asked/yelled. "Listen sweetie" he said. "To survive in the Games, you have to make people like you. That's more important than shelter in some cases" I turned away. I wasn't goods at making people like me. "There it is" Peeta said. We were at the Capital. He walked up to the window and waved at the crowd that had gathered. "You'd better follow his lead. He knows what he's doing." Haymitch said. I watched as we went past the people to meet everyone in the Capital.

Sorry for the short chapter, I didn't feel like writing.


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