Victor of the Games

What if Katniss won the Games? Just her. Would she end up with Gale? Would the Capital still be after her? Will she end up with a normal life among District 12 standards?


5. I suck at updating. :(

Sorry I haven't been updating, I haven't had time and I feel so bad!!!!! I'll try and update A LOT more!!!! Enjoy!!


We got off the train once we arrived in the Capital. Peeta and I had to meet up with our stylists. Mine was waiting for me, and introduced himself as Cinna. He brought me to the dressing room. He had to dress me up for my interview with Caeser. He gave me a dress and told me to spin around on stage when I thought the time was right. 

Since Peeta and I are in District 12, we go last, ladies first. I would go, then Peeta. I listened to everyone say how they were honored to have been chosen and how they were always practicing. I walked out on my turn.

"So, Katniss, what are your thoughts on being in the Hunger Games?" I thought a moment and replied "I don't wanna be in them but I have no choice". The crowd and Caesar laughed. I laughed too, even though I was  honest. "Katniss, you volunteered for your sister, correct?" asked Caesar. "Yes" "Why?" quizzed Caeser. "I don't want my sister to die, I'd rather it be me." After Caesar's stupid questions, Peeta was called out and I could finally leave.  I walked backstage and watched Peeta's interview. Caeser asked Peeta, "Is there a special someone in your life?" To my surprise, Peeta replied "Yes. But she's here right now." Caeser got a creepy-ish smile and said "who?" Peeta blushed the slightest bit and said "Katniss" the crowd applauded and he watched off stage. Him saying my name ran through my head. I DIDN'T LIKE HIM!!!! I walked away from him and didn't talk to him, not even in the last days before the Games. He tried to talk, but I either flipped him off or walked away. I just wanted to leave.

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