Five nights at freddys

Hi five nights at Freddy's


5. fan fiction

I just got my new job at freddy faz bears pizza. I thought .... Never mind . I am mike . I got a recorded message ... Well it doesn't matter . So save power ok . Check the lights and the cameras . Only close the door If I need to , ok got it . Umm ... WAIT WHAT DID HE MEAN ....they'll stuff me into a suit and KILL ME ........... Wait , why are they all looking at me ... Like they want to ... Stuff me . Umm pirate cove out of order ... I wonder what's in there. I think I am good ... I will just rest my eyes . "Thump thump thump " * blink blink* what the ... *screams * *bam* huh huh huh I am gonna die . What the ... Is that a poster of freddy ripping of his face ?!?! What ever . What's that noise ... I hear running ........ *foxys scream* what the am I dead . No I am alive ... I am leaving this place ... LIKE NOW . Wait I can't ... The doors are locked to heck . Thump thump thump ... I need to hide the kitchen . I managed to open the door ... But , I saw ... The stupid duck chicken thing banging pots and pans around like a ... CHILD

. And there is blood I think in its eyes and it smells terrible . I'll hide behind the fridge . The chicken it's eyes are glowing like they are car lights . As if it were searching ... Like a game of hide and seek .

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