This is Me

Katelynn is a 17 year old girl who lives in a foster home. She goes from house to house getting abused. What happens when one day One Direction comes in to adopt a girl? What happens when she meets 5sos? ______________________________________________________________________________ @LadyTatertot thank you for the cover!


1. I always end up here

I woke up with a sudden gasp. Tim was my last foster home and he ended up just like the last ones, abusive. I've been in a total of 15 foster homes they all end up the same. I get put in the same adoption home every time and I watch people come and go and never come back then there's me.

I leave this place but, I always come back. "Are you ok?" Lexi asked me. "Ya just another nightmare." I simply replied getting up and putting on my clothes for the day. "Tim or Max?" She asked getting up coming over to me. "Tim.." I mumbled in fear. Tim was the worst foster home I had.

He would starve me, beat me and do anything he could think of. At least he didn't do anything beyond that... "He behind bars now. The police promised not to let him out." She came over and sat next to me. Lexi just came about a year ago and she became my roommate, she is 17. Her parents abandoned her and her brother after calming that they would be back.

She has brown hair with blonde tints but not a lot. Her bright green eyes stand out from everyone's. She was super skinny and very tall, 5'5". She's very kind unless you decide to get on her bad side. "Ladies get cleaned up please. Visitors are coming in a few hours." Mrs. Debry smiled then walked out of the room

Mrs. Debry is about 45 years old and is so kind. She's like the perfect mom. She has a husband but wasn't able to have kids so that's when she came into this job. She has 2 adopted kids that is a 5 year old boy and a 1 year old girl. They are both so adorable, they come and visit us every once and awhile.

"Come on Katelynn lets get ready." Lexi smiled slightly. The people that are coming are looking to adopt, they probally wont adopt me which is fine. I hope they adopt Lexi and her brother Adam cause they need a good home more than me. Im use to this life now while they aren't. I went to the mirror and brushed my dark purple hair.

Its pretty long, it reaches the mid of my back. I looked into it and saw my hazel eyes that were more green now than brown. I look ok I guess. I have pale skin with hazel eyes, my hair is naturally brown but now its a dark purple. My height is 5'2" and im skinny. But there's still something about me missing...

"Ready?" Lexi walked over to me. I nodded and we walked out of our room. We made sure that the house was clean and then joined the others. "Ok so we have multiple visitors coming. I expect yall to be on your best behavior. You know the rules please follow them."Mrs.Debry smiled.

We all nodded and went off doing what we do. I looked over and saw Lexi playing with Adam. Adam is 13 years old, he has blonde hair and an eye that blue and another that's green. He's pretty tall for his age, 5'1". He likes to stay in shape so he's athletic. I smiled knowing that they will always have each others backs which is good.

I walked outside and went into the far back where there's a swing that I always go to. I sat down and started to swing while thinking about all everything. I think im going to just stay here till everyone goes away. The kids in there deserves to be adopted not me.

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