Boy Next Door ⇢ Michael Clifford

"Haven't you heard, my poor heart,
that a boy moved next door.
He has rock star worthy hair and wears tight jeans,
I hear him playing his guitar at night
he caught me peering through the blinds and winked."

~ Some poet off Wattpad.

© 2015 | Nani-

Originally posted on my Wattpad (BigBootyBieber) Just wanted to spread it on other sites :)


2. What an elegant princess

Juliet's POV

I woke up on a rainy Saturday morning to the sound of my baby brother, Alex, crying his little heart out. Getting out of bed I made my way to his room, once inside the zoo themed nursery I picked up the four month old. Hushing him back to sleep, I realized there was a huge moving truck at the vacant house next door. I saw Alex was sound asleep in my arms, so I gently placed him back into his crib. Flicking off the lights and quietly closing the door, I made my way downstairs.

I got downstairs to see my twin brother, Luke, sleeping on the couch  with a half open bag of hot cheetos in his lap. I made my way towards him trying not to slip since there were clothes scattered everywhere. Tapping on his shoulder, I woke him up and  told him to pick up his shit and go sleep in his room. He flicked me off half asleep before grabbing all his clothes and walking up the stairs. 

Clapping silently, I started cleaning up the house and making breakfast. After making two plates of sausage, eggs, pancakes, I took out the trash. Stepping in puddles, I made my way to the green trash bin on the side of the street as the sun burned my blue eyes. I threw the trash bag in before running inside. Which didn't end to well at all, my foot ended up slipping on the pavement below me causing me to fall flat on my ass.
Letting out a groan, I got up only to slip again making me land on my ass once again. I then heard this contagious laugh from behind me, getting up carefully this time, I turned around to see who was the source of that laughter. 


There stood a boy with tattoos up and down his arms, he stood with a smirk on his face as his green eyes stared at me. I'm  not denying he is very attractive, but I will never admit it out loud. I was pulled from my thoughts when the boy spoke.

"What an elegant princess." He said sarcastically before heading to the house next  door.


A/N: Don't know if this was good at all to be honest, not edited so bare with spelling and sentences that don't make since. Chapter 2 will be up soon. - Adriana x


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