Little joe the wrangler

This is my life my name is tom doolin I'm 17 I was born in 1933 in Lincoln Arizona it's the year 1950 i ran away from home when I was 16 and am now I'm with out a home let's see where my journey leads


2. a new home ... hopefully

I can't believe what just happened thoughts are racing through my mind like how will I survive I am now going to have to travel on foot

Because what's happened has happened and I can't change the past but what I can do is try to survive I have to try all these thoughts are racing through my head but I guess it's better than thinking about cricket.

There the saddle is finally off I take watever I can salvage then i take what's left of food my peacemaker revolver and set off I stumble across the cooking hot sun its heat is almost unbearable and then everything goes black

I don't know where I am or what's happened all I remember I walking across the plain and then nothing I'm laying in a hard straw bed in an old house the door is closed and there is a window open just beside the bed the cool breeze feels good on my skin I try to get up and suddenly there's a sharp pain in my lower back its hurts bad but it's bearable I slowly and carefully get out of bed I find my cloths and pistol sitting on a a small dresser by the door I quickly and quietly put on my cloths the feel itchy on my skin but that's normal i grab the door handle and slowly and carefully open the door

I walk down a dark hallway with a couple doors on each side there is a stair well at the end of the hallway the stair well goes to the left and then there is a big room to the right I slowly look Aaround the corner and I see a couple of Nicky furnished couches a coffe table and on the other side is a beautiful kitchen with marble tops and did I mention the floor was marble too

Sitting on one of the sofas was a short solidly built man with grey hair and moustache the average old rancher he was wearing a wild rag a plain light blue button up and some blue jeans next to him was another man this man was taller he was younger he looked like the boss judging by the he dressed he was sipping his coffee then I looked to where a girls voice was coming from and then a girl about my age came around the corner oh hi there look who decided to get up looks like your in a hurry to get some where she said she was very beautiful she had golden blonde hair and the deepest blue eyes I've ever seen she was wearing a nice summer dress she reminded me of my mother like an angel her hair laid softly on her shoulders she has the most beautiful smile hello ? Don't go fallen asleep on me now she said oh oh sorry I reply don't worry anout it she smiled and lead me into the room and introduced me the

Short solid man was Jedadiah but every body calls him Jed I think that's a pretty cool name Jed was a ranch hand the nicer dressed man was the rancher he shook my hand he had a firm hand shake he introduced himself as john McFarland he had broad shoulders and I knew he wasn't a working man because his hands were as soft as a baby's bottom

I felt weird standing there all eyes were on me but I was just happy to finally meet somebody that wasn't trying to rob me or sell something to me but this was nice I liked meeting new people the girl I talked to in the hallway told me she was Anna

If there was anybody I wanted to get to know it would be this beautiful girl i knew I had to leave because I wasn't looking to become a ranch hand to be honest I was looking to become a business man I hear they make a pretty nice bounty these days I told the nice folks about my adventures and my horse and how I wanted to become a buisness man in the town of Lincoln Arizona

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