Forever Young

17 year old Day wanted nothing more than to see her best friend,Calum Hood, again. Will a turn of fate bring them back together? What will happen between them? Read to find out.
P.S. Has mild language and stuff


5. telling the guys

Layla's POV

I woke up with Calum's arms wrapped around my waist. I gave him a kiss and tried to wriggle free. Which didn't help. He just tightened his grip and said,"stay." "Cal. I'm going to take a shower." I said. "Fine." He said while letting me go. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. I undressed and felt strong arms wrap around my waist." You're so beautiful." Cal whispered. I blushed. "Thank you." I said. He gave me a kiss and walked out. I stepped into the shower and warmed my skin. I stepped out after a while and grabbed my clothes. Black skinny jeans, a black ripped tank top. I walked down the stairs and saw Cal cooking. I snuck up behind him and wrapped my arms around his torso. "Hi beautiful." He said. "Hey handsome." I replied. I let go and sat at the island.Cal handed me eggs and bacon. "Thank you." I said. "You're welcome, baby." Cal said. I practically melted at his use of the word baby. "So Day. Can we go to meet my band mates today." He asked as I took his plate and sat it in the sink. "Of course. I can't wait to meet them." I said.


Calum's POV

We pulled up to Ashton's huge house. I grabbed Day's hand and we walked in together. "Hey guys." I said. "Hi." They said in unison. "Who's the girl?" Asked Ashton. "This is my girlfriend Day." I said. "Hi Day! I'm Michael." Michael said. "Hello Michael." She said. Hey Day. I'm Luke." Luke said. "Hi." She said. "And I'm Ashton." Ashton said lastly. " Hey Ashton." Day said. "Do you play any instruments?" Michael asked. " "yeah. I play bass, guitar, and piano." She replied. "Sweet!" Ash said. "Maybe after we jam you could show us." Luke said. "Yeah. I only brought my guitar though." Day said. "That's alright. It'll still be cool." Michael said.

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