Forever Young

17 year old Day wanted nothing more than to see her best friend,Calum Hood, again. Will a turn of fate bring them back together? What will happen between them? Read to find out.
P.S. Has mild language and stuff


4. realization

Calum's POV

As I drove home I couldn't help but think about her. The way she smiles with her eyes. Her gorgeous eyes. The way the corners of her eyes crinkle when she smiles and laughs. The way she sings and plays guitar. How she laughs. And when she blushes. She's so beautiful. And seeing her again made me realize something.....

I love her. I love Day Stevens and I am going to tell her. Tonight.

I drove to her house later that night and threw rocks at her window. She smiled and opened it. I climbed in and hugged her. "I need to tell you something." I said. "Ok Cal. You can tell me anything." She said. "Day. I love you. And in the I want to go out with you, kind of love. I always have, honestly. Seeing you again made me realize just how much I do. I love you Day. You don't have to love me back, but I just needed to tell you." I said. She smiled and kissed me." You have no idea how much I've been wanting to tell you the same thing." She said. "Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked "of course Cal." She replied. I hugged her and she kissed me and we soon fell asleep.

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