Teen mum

pregnant 16 year old Charlotte is expecting a baby her parents have no idea she will now have to overcome challenges

I am not encouraging teen pregnancy people that become teen parents overcome many challenges I am telling you what being a teen mum is really like


1. that's life

Hi I'm Charlotte I'm 16 years old and I live with my mum dad and two sisters Jane and Andrea I am no ordinary girl I have a secret that I have been hiding

from my parents. Well let me tell you the story first things first i met my boyfriend Louis In a restaurant and it was love at first sight. My parents know about him and they think he's amazing. But now things are about to get more complicated because I'm now pregnant with his baby. When Louis found out he was shocked because he did use protection and I wasn't on the pill at the time because I've heard about the side effects women have when taking birth control.my sisters know and they were disappointed at first but they learned to accept it and they are hiding it too and I'm grateful for that as they are older than me.

anyway I don't know how I'm gonna tell my parents I'm 8 weeks along now and let me tell you this my dad if he finds out he probably would never let me see Louis ever again.

Well guys this is just the beginning...

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