Teen mum

pregnant 16 year old Charlotte is expecting a baby her parents have no idea she will now have to overcome challenges

I am not encouraging teen pregnancy people that become teen parents overcome many challenges I am telling you what being a teen mum is really like


2. tensions rising

Charlotte it's time for school! Ok mum I'm coming hold on. Jane and Andrea I thing my gonna be blurrghhh oh god jane mum is gonna suspect something. You have to tell her Charlotte you can't keep it a secret when the baby comes.

I really hope she doesn't get angry.

Family meeting shouted Jane and Andrea so what's this about mum Charlotte has to tell you something mum I'm uhh well I'm pregnant and Louis is the father and that is when my dad flipped out why are you having unprotected sex you should of been on fucking birth control I'm very angry *smash* my dad threw his glass on the wall and stormed out. My mum was in tears Charlotte I know er not your fault people make mistakes.

I had you when I was just 17 years old and I'm so sorry I might as well tell you something I've been hiding. Your father has been very abusive to be and he's controlling and manipulating me it has put a huge strain on our marriage that's why you see me crying sometimes anyway.

you are gonna have to either drop out of school or stay in it it's now your choice Charlotte. I dropped out but I realised it was a bad choice because I didnt graduate.

Jane and Andrea did you know yes mum we did we were gonna tell you but you've been stressed so we didn't want to tell you.

It's ok but I want to file for divorce .

And as for you charlotte how many weeks along are you. I'm 8 weeks pregnant mum and me and Louis want to find our own place for when the baby comes because I need peace and quiet mum there is so much going on and with my photography job I earn a good amount of money so we"ll have to wait and see.

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