Teen mum

pregnant 16 year old Charlotte is expecting a baby her parents have no idea she will now have to overcome challenges

I am not encouraging teen pregnancy people that become teen parents overcome many challenges I am telling you what being a teen mum is really like


5. baby shower

Mum louis the baby shower is in 10 minutes do we have the cake refreshments drinks and mum did you put my beans and custard in a silver flask so people don't find it disgusting. Yes stop panicking it's gonna be fine.

The guests started arriving they already knew we

Were having twins.

It was now time to open the gifts I opened Louis's gift first and he had 5 outfits matching for the twins and they were so cute and pink,

I opened mums one and she gave me a double pram which was great because I needed one.

Allison gave me two cute Moses baskets for them to sleep in when we go to relatives houses or something like that.

I thanked all the guests for coming and it was great I got a lot of things and Louis was really tired so we headed home early. Ahhoww mum I think the babies are coming. No it's too early said Louis can we just goo I'm in agony mum

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