Teen mum

pregnant 16 year old Charlotte is expecting a baby her parents have no idea she will now have to overcome challenges

I am not encouraging teen pregnancy people that become teen parents overcome many challenges I am telling you what being a teen mum is really like


4. 32 weeks

Mmmm Charlotte what's the time it's about 8:45

Oh shit I'm late for work ok I gotta go love you bye.

Louis is 3 years older than me and he graduated university so he has a construction job to help pay for the twins .

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hey Louis how was work?it was good I also got a promotion that's so great I'm so happy for you. Any way Louis I called an estate agent we are able to view a 3 bed roomed apartment.


Louis I can't wait to tell my mum we found a house i think I should text her.

"Hey mum I found a house and we can move next week!"

Louis can you go and make me beans and custard please ok but that meal gives me the shivers it's so disgusting even the though of me eating it uhhgh I'll make it anyway.

Hey Charlotte I saw your text it's wonderful that you found a home but can I still visit you.

Of course you can mum whenever you want.

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