Anakin Skywalker And The I-Became-A-Jedi

Anakin Skywalker's perspective of "Attack Of The Clones." Book 2 of the Anakin Skywalker series. Great inspiration from "Draco Malfoy And The Rejected Handshake." Enjoy!


2. Me

Reasons My Life Sucks:

1. My mom is gone forever. I mean, really. And she's in danger, too.

2. I still haven't got a chance to free all the slaves on Tatooine. The Jedi said freeing one slave would lead to a ruckuss! Who gives a damn about a ruckuss when my Mom's freedom is on the line?

3. The Jedi hate me. How can I become a great Jedi if only Obi-Wan appreciates me?

4. I'm 19 years old and I'm still a Padawan! Since when was a legal adult a Padawan Learner?

5. I haven't seen Padme in 10 years. 10 years without that beloved chick, could you imagine?

Reasons My Life Rocks:

1. Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, the most significant Muggle in the galaxy, appreciates me.

2. I am the CHOSEN ONE!!!

3. We've gone on dangerous missions. Just the sound of that makes me perk up.

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