Anakin Skywalker And The I-Became-A-Jedi

Anakin Skywalker's perspective of "Attack Of The Clones." Book 2 of the Anakin Skywalker series. Great inspiration from "Draco Malfoy And The Rejected Handshake." Enjoy!


10. Geonosis, Land Of The Separatists

Piloting the Naboo ship to Geonosis was easy.

Too easy.

As we flew I still felt shaken and unsure. Fear is coiling everywhere--fear that I would lose control again, fear that Obi-Wan was already dead, fear that Obi-Wan was alive and would yell at me when he found out what I'd done. It's no good telling myself that Obi-Wan was a Jedi and that Jedi have no hate. I'm a Jedi and still hate those Tusken Raiders.

The thought made my stomach clench, and I started to cry, unaware if they were tears of regret or hatred. If only we could get there faster...

When we reached the planet at last, R2-D2 pinpointed the area where the transmission had originated and we headed for it. I made sure we kept the ship close to the ground, partially because 1) I didn't want us to be detected and 2) dodging the rock formations gave me something to keep my thoughts at bay.

Meanwhile Padme was looking for a place to hide the starship. Finally she pointed to a giant steam vent.

That'll do. We descended into one of them and landed at the bottom.

Padme, if anyone, started lecturing me. "Don't worry," I finally said. "I've given up trying to argue with you." But did she think I needed the warning after the skirmish on Tatooine?

I put my diary in my pocket and we headed out. I nodded at the two droids, although most of my mind was preoccupied on reaching the Force to detect any avoidable life-forms.

Although the corridors seemed empty, I still felt uncomfortable for some reason. "Wait..." I called to Padme. There's something there...above and behind...

My lightsaber leaped toward my hand, and I whirled around and cut down a winged creature, presumably a Geonosian. Great. More are pouring in.

Padme rushed for a door at the end of the corridor. I cut down a few more Geonosians and followed.

Beyond the doorway we found ourselves on a narrow bridge above some sort of noisy droid factory...except it doesn't lead anywhere. Interesting.


Suddenly the bridge disappeared! I turned for the door, but it was locked. And more Geonosians are pouring in.

I readied my lightsaber, prepared to fight, when--

Padme jumped off!

Needless to say, I called her name.

Therefore I leaped after her. She landed on the conveyor belt and was way ahead of me. I started toward her, but instead I had to fight off another horde of them Geos. Great (not).

One of those winged things attacked Padme! Frantic to get to her, I desperately slashed at creature after creature after creature, but more and more kept pouring in, blocking my path.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed Padme fall into a huge, empty bucket, one of a line moving along a conveyor belt. At least those pests can't get to her in there...

After cutting down a few more Geonosians, I suddenly saw where the bucket was headed--toward a huge upside-down cauldron to be filled with molten lava!

Padme! No! The bucket was too smooth and deep for her to climb out. Oh, crap. She'll be kiled! No, Padme, please, no...

As I struggled to reach her through the cloud of enemies, I saw a stout, cylindrical thing fly past me via rocket jets. OK...what is that beeping astromech doing here?

But that's not important right now.

Whoa! My foot slipped. I fell sideways and landed in a molding device. I tried to nudge free, only to let my hand slide under a machine. Goddamit! I have to get to Padme! Next thing I knew, I was being pulled toward a bust crusher thingamabob.

A triumphant beep pierced the noise. That sounds like R2! Still restrained I looked up toward the buckets and saw that one of them tipped over right before it reached the filling place.

R2 saved Padme!

I was about to get up and jump for joy but then I realized my hand was stuck. Great (not).

Ok, gotta focus! The bust crusher thingy was right ahead of me. There's only one chance to get free--my lightsaber!

Unfortunately it's in the hand that got caught. I tried to open it with my fingertips partly because that's the only part of my hand it could reach. I ignited it, hoping to cut a hole in...

Great! My lightsaber fell under the bust crusher...just as the machines stopped. Whew! I breathed a sigh of relief and rushed for my lightsaber...

And it's broken! This is the second time this week I've lost a lightsaber. WHY?!

Just then Jango Fett rolled in flanked by an army of droidekas.

"Don't move, Jedi!" the bounty hunter screamed. This is the bounty hunter we've been looking for BTW.

So much for rescuing Obi-Wan. I couldn't save my mom either, and now I've brought Padme and me right into a death trap. I've failed at everything. :(

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