Player much?romantic much?
Roger and michelle?
Tony and michelle?
Who knows read,vote,comment!


2. is this love a lie???

We went off to breakfeast at 12:35 and it was already luch meals.And i wanted a burrito oh well.Well at least roger is happy,he ate a small burger with fries.

"I love you"roger said

"I love you too"

"Uhhh fuck love it doesnt even exist"said the guy with tattoos behind our table.

It was raining so roger drove the car to

the front of the restuarnt while i went to the bathroom.I exited the bathroom and there was the dude with the tattoos."hey,umm yor dating a player."okai sure" i said trying hard not to laugh at what he said. "Im not playing around hes dating my bestfriend whitney.!"We can talk later" i gave him my number."bye"

As i got in the car i was thinkjng how cute he was,no i cant i have a boyfriend but what if he was right that he is cheating,well hopefully not.

Umm sorry again i dont know if its short but i've been depressed so thats why i been writing a lttle bit but we'll see if Roger is that kind of guy.

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