The Dance of Life:Nash Greir Fanfictionn

"I wanted to get away from my past and start a fresh but it's just repeating"

Lexi Williams that's my name, sort of, and I've been dancing since I was two. When I turned seventeen something happened and I swore to never do it again but then feelings, emotions and an idiot named Nash Grier got in the way.


1. Prologue

Btw on the app all my pictures get swapped around so they might not make sense and you might want to read it on the website instead  

Eleanor Alexis Piller was the perfect child, well she had no choice whether or not to be because she was the Piller's only one. Since the young age of two she had been infatuated in the world of dance and that was thanks to her mother Darcey Piller (Bussell). Darcey has also started dancing from a very young age and was indeed truly spectacular at it. She was one of the best in the country, she danced at the Royal Ballet in London, England. From the age of five Eleanor's mother enrolled her in one of the best dance schools in London and she would take her to every single one of her shows because she knew how much she loved them. To Eleanor dance wasn't a hobby, it wasn't a choice, it was a way of living and she wouldn't have wanted it any other way. When she reached the age of eleven she got into the Royal Ballet school, that her mother now taught at, and it started to become a lot more intense and real, at least six hours a day, five days a week of classes, practicing outside of school, workouts and shows. Eleanor, most times, would even train on the weekends, but that was by choice. It was a lot of hard work but you had to do what ever it takes to be the best and that's what she personally had to be.

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