The Dance of Life:Nash Greir Fanfictionn

"I wanted to get away from my past and start a fresh but it's just repeating"

Lexi Williams that's my name, sort of, and I've been dancing since I was two. When I turned seventeen something happened and I swore to never do it again but then feelings, emotions and an idiot named Nash Grier got in the way.


4. Maddie Archer

'Looks like it does on TV' was the first ting Lexi thought as she gazed outside her window in the taxi. She'd been to America before but that was when she was like five, for one of her mums shows. But because she was so young she didn't really take in her surroundings and the beautiful skyscrapers around her. Everything here was so big.


It's still very hard to Lexi to digest the fact that she now had no-one, moving to America all by herself at the age of seventeen was a scary thing to do. She was starting to rethink her choices of leaving. That dance school was really the only memory of her parents, her mum especially, that she had left and now she was just leaving all that behind her. It was just too much to her to bare, she felt as if her ghost was lurking in the hallways and watching her dance, staring at her until she was absolutely perfect.

She stepped out of her taxi paying the man and lugging her two large suitcases out. As soon as she knocked on her new apartment door a girl about the same age as her, but a bit taller, with ginger hair and freckles all over her face opened it with a welcoming smile. "Hey, you must be Lexi." she just nodded her head and smiled at the perky girl. "My name's Madeline, but you can call me Maddie. I'm your roommate" She said as she stuck her hand out for Lexi to shake to which she happily accepted the kind gesture. Ellie had decided it would be best for her to have someone around that new the place well and she didn't really want to be alone after wheat had just happen, plus she was looking for a roommate so she thought that she might as well take her up on her offer. "Come, let me show you around." Maddie took one of her suitcases and lead her into the decent sized apartment.

The characters are based on my friends Ellie Piller and Maddie Archer.

Sorry the chapters are so short, promise they'll get longer.

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