The Dance of Life:Nash Greir Fanfictionn

"I wanted to get away from my past and start a fresh but it's just repeating"

Lexi Williams that's my name, sort of, and I've been dancing since I was two. When I turned seventeen something happened and I swore to never do it again but then feelings, emotions and an idiot named Nash Grier got in the way.


3. Lexi King

~one month later~

Meet Lexi King former known as Eleanor Piller now known as Alexis or Lexi for short. After the tragic accident she wanted to reinvent herself and become a new person. She cut her hair, died it blue, got two nose piercings and a tattoo. Over the past month 'Lexi' has been in hiding. She packed all her stuff, got all of her money out, her family was quite wealthy, so that she could run away. Run away from unwanted memories. Run away to America, North Carolina to be exact. It was a strange place to pick out of everywhere but she didn't want to get found out. After the accident she didn't know how to feel anymore, she was empty. Her life, the only family she really had, gone. No siblings, nothing. She was all alone, she was an orphan. She wasn't young but she defiantly wasn't old enough to be able to cope with both her parents dying at the same time. I guess this was her way of coping ignoring it, running away, pretending that it never happened. 


As the story goes on the chapters will get longer.


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