The Dance of Life:Nash Greir Fanfictionn

"I wanted to get away from my past and start a fresh but it's just repeating"

Lexi Williams that's my name, sort of, and I've been dancing since I was two. When I turned seventeen something happened and I swore to never do it again but then feelings, emotions and an idiot named Nash Grier got in the way.


5. Jod searching

Over the last two weeks Lexi had really grown to like Maddie and she found out a lot about her. She was really sporty, she did football (soccer), she also did a lot of running and was really smart. Even though Lexi wasn't in the dance school anymore she still would always do her workouts at the gym and go for runs. It was on a early Sunday morning when Ellie saw the leaflet whilst she was on a run with Maddie.


"Honestly you don't have to, you know that right?" Maddie insisted.

"I know I don't have to but trust me I want to. Plus I'm getting quite board staying at home all day." Even though Lexi didn't need to she wanted to help out and get a job, she had inherited all of her parents money in their will since she was their only child but she still felt bad that Maddie had to go to school and worked too. She felt as if she was just a waste of space not really doing anything so she thought it was best that she went job searching.

"Fine. Where do you wanna work then?" Maddie asked her.

"Not sure to be honest. Where would you recommend?"

"Well you're sporty like me." Lexi just nodded her head. "Then follow me." Maddie said excitedly leading her to God knows where.


"Read this." Maddie told her as she pulled a leaflet off of a bulletin board outside what seemed to have been a sports centre.

"Teaching?" Lexi questioned.

"Yeah, teaching slash coaching. There's soccer, which I do-"

"Football" I interrupted her.

"Whatever. Anyways there's 'football', swimming, dancing, runni-"

"Wait go back one" Lexi asked her.


"Yeah dancing." Lexi knew that she'd left England to get away from her past but it wouldn't hurt to teach it, would it?

"Can you dance?" Maddie asked her.

"Um, I'd like to think so." Lexi hadn't told her about her past because she didn't want her to pity her. That was the last thing she needed.  


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