The Dance of Life:Nash Greir Fanfictionn

"I wanted to get away from my past and start a fresh but it's just repeating"

Lexi Williams that's my name, sort of, and I've been dancing since I was two. When I turned seventeen something happened and I swore to never do it again but then feelings, emotions and an idiot named Nash Grier got in the way.


2. Eleanor Alexis Piller

btw in this fanfic im not saying that people who do ballet are like this, im just being dramatic for the sake of the story. plus I do ballet so... also idk whether ive mentioned this or not be eleanors 17. and if you search Darcey Bussell then that's her mum.

I have to be perfect

I have to be the best

I can't fail

I can't let everyone down


"Hi honey, we're on our way" My loving mother said through the phone.

"Okay great. But I'm so nervous, what if I mess up?" I asked her worried.

"It will be alright, just try your best darling, okay?"


"See you in a bit. Bye"



"Ten minutes until show time" The person on the announcer called out to everyone that was backstage. It was full of hairspray, bitchy rich kids and fake smiles. Even though this was all like a second nature to Eleanor she still hated the fact that everyone there was so fake. The way they acted so fake, especially to her because her mum was so big in the world of dance. She hated the way that she had had to act fake too, not herself, like the perfect little princess that her parents wanted her to be. "Five minutes"






and go...

She walked out onto the stage and got in her first position, then suddenly the burning hot spotlight flashed onto the schools star pupil that got asked to start the show. Luckily the light didn't allow her to see all the eyes staring at her. As soon as the music began she was taken away into a different dimension. Into her own world.


When the show had finished Eleanor went to go and greet her parents, but they weren't there. She went around the whole theatre but she couldn't find them. Half-an-hour later and they still hadn't come, she tried to call them but they both weren't picking up. She was pissed. Eleanor had had enough so she grabbed her things and got into her light blue fiat 500 car to go home.


Eleanor was too angry to realise the flashing lights and the sirens. She only really started to notice anything when she saw all the police men and the road was closed off. It was then that everything around her started to slow down and her whole world started to crumble around her.


Her dads car flipped upside down...

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