Jayy Von Monroe Is My Brother?!

Jaiilynn is 17 and lives with her parents and her baby sister, Sadi. Her parents have told her before she has a brother somewhere but she knows they don't care. She decides secretly to try and find him. After forever of searching for him, she finally gives up. Until....Her best friends Kaytlynn and Alex get tickets to a Blood On The Dance Floor concert!


3. The Concert


I bought a ¨The Reckoning¨ t-shirt, tons of bracelets, and a CD. It was awesome. I was about to pass out but I didn't want too!

I leaned against the wall ¨patiently¨ waiting for Kaytlynn and Alex to get back with the slushies. I clicked on my phone and checked the time: 9:46. 

20 more minutes. 

I took a couple pictures and put them on instagram as I waited. It was about 5 minutes until they came back. 

"Sorry Jaii. It was a long line." Alex said as he handed me my icy blue slushy. 

"It's fine." I smiled and took it. "Thanks guys, like so much!"

Kaytlynn giggled and led us into the concert area. There were a lot of "scene" kids and "emos" in the audience. They all were very nice and said hi and stuff and smiled and everything. We all three sat down in our seats - which were behind the V.I.P.S. 

Some of their songs played in the back ground speakers like Candyland, The Reckoning, and Don't Wanna Be Like You.

A lot of people were taking selfies. And to admit it, I was too. 

Alex would not stop talking about Jayy, and I decided he hoped he would get to date him some day. Awhh.

Kaytlynn liked them both. She couldn't pick a favorite apparently, and neither could I. I love them both! They are my heroes for sure. But personally, I love Dahvie. I know Jayy wants to stay gay, so I don't want to invade on that. I would never have a chance though. I don't even think I'd ever meet them....

The lights suddenly went off and everything was pitch black. Everyone in there started screaming and I swear, my ears were gonna bleed! But I loved it. I knew it was time! I started screaming, too. And stood up to see over everybody.

Dahvie's voice boomed over the whole entire concert. "What's up Vanilla Face?!" 

Everybody screamed their heads off and my jaw just dropped! His voice was wow!

Kaytlynn looked at me, smiling. Alex was looking around for Jayy.

I looked back at the stage and Dahvie was staring out at the crowd, smiling big. I almost fainted.

"Alright!" He said after everyone calmed down. "Tonight, Skull Kid must rise." He smiled as everyone screamed again. He broke out in singing The Reckoning as we all sang along. Jumping and head banging and it was so fun! Jayy finally came out and Alex about jumped onto the stage. Kaytlynn had to hold him back - almost literally. 



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