Jayy Von Monroe Is My Brother?!

Jaiilynn is 17 and lives with her parents and her baby sister, Sadi. Her parents have told her before she has a brother somewhere but she knows they don't care. She decides secretly to try and find him. After forever of searching for him, she finally gives up. Until....Her best friends Kaytlynn and Alex get tickets to a Blood On The Dance Floor concert!


4. Meeting My Heroes


After an amazing performance, Dahvie and Jayy started inviting people up. They were girls and some boys and they just asked them questions and saw how loud people could cheer for them all. 

Kaytlynn, Alex and I were trying so hard t get noticed. We were screaming Dahvie's name and jumping up and down pointing at ourselves and saying, "Pick us! Pick us! Over here, Dahvie!" 

We finally gave up, and just watched everyone else who was lucky enough to go up there. 

Jayy was smiling really big, and look directly at Alex and blushed and looked down. Alex FREAKED. I mean he like threw a me fit like when we walked into the merchandise area. He loved it. 

Jayy whispered something in Dahvie's ear and then pointed at the three of us. My jaw dropped once again. It was really going to happen! 

Dahvie looked where he pointed and I covered my mouth. He was looking at us! And me! I held myself down trying not to jump up and down and Dahvie held the mic up to his mouth and said, "How about those three come up here?" He smiled, and I about melted right on the spot. 

Kaytlynn nudged me foward and told me not to freak out, but she was the one giggling uncontrollably. Alex told us to move faster. 

Everyone in there pierced our ears screaming and they jumped all over us telling us how lucky we were as we made our way to the front of the crowd. 

I smiled really big as Dahvie held out a hand. "Need help, love?" He smiled. 

"I-I.. Y-yes!" I stuttered and took his outstretched hand happily and he pulled me up just like I was a feather.

He pulled me beside him easily and I stood there, blushing deeply. He helped the others up, too. Kaytlynn stood beside me and Alex stood beside Jayy. 

Dahvie turned to me fixing his hair and looked into my eyes. I WAS GONNA DIE!

"So loves! What are your names?' He held the mic up to my mouth. I didn't know what to do! I was freaking out on the inside and I was too nervous to speak. What if everybody thought I was stupid?! 

"Jaii. With two i's." I smiled and turned to Dahvie. A smile spread across his face. Everybody started screaming and I turned Alex and Kaytlynn's way and Jayy was looking at me like he knew all his life who I was.

I smiled at him and kinda brushed it off. He smiled back but looked down in thought, I guess.

Alex was blushing, too and kept biting his piercing. 

"That is the most beautiful name I've ever heard, love." 

No. He's falling in love with me. Yes! Oh my gosh - he didn't say that to any other girls. I looked down, smiling.

Dahvie handed the mic to Kaytlynn and she said her name and then Alex and then Alex handed it to Jayy.

Everyone was screaming at Jayy and telling him to pick them next.

"Sorry guys. But these are the last two."









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