Jayy Von Monroe Is My Brother?!

Jaiilynn is 17 and lives with her parents and her baby sister, Sadi. Her parents have told her before she has a brother somewhere but she knows they don't care. She decides secretly to try and find him. After forever of searching for him, she finally gives up. Until....Her best friends Kaytlynn and Alex get tickets to a Blood On The Dance Floor concert!


1. Giving Up

    I slam by laptop shut and sling it on the bed next to Kaytlynn as tears stream down my face. She squeaks

     "Jaii! Calm down!''

     "I can't Kayt! I'll never find him! I bet he's already dead or doesn't even care about us. He doesn't even know who                 we are

      are!" I sit down on the bed and try to stop the tears, but I fail.

     "You can't give up now." she says.

     "Actually," I turn to her, "I can. My parents won't help me and neither will anyone else. I just have to give up. I'm not                 going to find him. I'd actuallty be surprised if he gave two flying-"

      My door opens.

      "Jaii Jaii?" Sadi yawns and rubs her eyes. "It time for bed."

      Kaytlynn looks at me and sighs. "I'll see you tomorrow Jaii Jaii." she winks and gets her books together.

      I just look down and dread school the next day.


      -NEXT DAY-


      I wake up, and stare at my ceiling. My stomach started hurting really bad, and I got really dizzy. Before I knew it, I was         throwing up. At least I don't have to go to school today....

      I went back to bed and slept for hours.



      Ding. Ding. Ding. My phone buzzed my nightstand. I opened my eyes and rubbed them. Still feeling very, very sick. 

      with a small headache.

      I reached across and grabbed my phone and clicked it on. I message slid across the screen with the words: 

      "OH EM GEE! CONCERT TICKETS TO..." It was from Kaytlynn. And another message below it from Alex that said:

      "I. Can't. Breathe!" I got super excited, and sat up and a pain shot through me. 

       "Uck! Owwwww.'' I groaned. And then anxiously slid the messages over as it took me to them.

       Right there. I suddenly had breathing problems as I saw the words: Blood On The Dance Floor concert!! :D."

      I squealed and suddenly didn't feel sick anymore!



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