Jayy Von Monroe Is My Brother?!

Jaiilynn is 17 and lives with her parents and her baby sister, Sadi. Her parents have told her before she has a brother somewhere but she knows they don't care. She decides secretly to try and find him. After forever of searching for him, she finally gives up. Until....Her best friends Kaytlynn and Alex get tickets to a Blood On The Dance Floor concert!


2. Almost There


     "Jaii, you seriously need to calm down!" Kaytlynn giggled.

     "Yeah! You haven't stopped jumping up and down since we got out here." Alex rolled his eyes and smiled at me.

       I could not help it! I was about to go to a Blood On The Dance Floor concert! I LOVE MY LIFE! The only thing that                  really sucks, is that they couldn't afford backstage passes. Apparently, Alex and Kayt have been planning this for 5            months now and have been saving every penny they had. I do not know how I could EVER repay them! I am so                   lucky to have them as my friends! No...my Best Friends!  

       I squealed and hugged them both around the neck.

       "Thank you guys so so so so so so so so so so so much!" I kept squealing and jumping. 

       "You're welcome." They both said. They turned to each other and laughed.

       The line started moving quicker and each step, I swear I had mini heart attacks. 

       There were A LOT of excited girls like me! We were like - fangirl drugged or something!

        "Tickets!'' The guy at the ticket booth said.

        Alex nudged me. "Jaiilynn? Helloooo??"

        "OH MY GOSH!" I gave him my ticket and ran quickly into the room where all the merchandise was. I'm finally in! I               thought to myself happily.



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