31 Days

31 days. 31 days until everything's over. Just 31 days.


1. Prologue

Laughter surrounded the hallway, creating an uproar.
I asked why. Why was this happening to me? I definitely don't deserve this.
Or do I?

That was the question that has been haunting me for years,
what have I done to deserve this madness?

My arms and legs were covered with cuts, and it stings.
Everyone was laughing at me, oh how I wish it would stop.

One asked me to die. One asked me to jump off a cliff.
If I did; would it help?
I'd only be the suicidal attention whore, which could be worse.
Life just wasn't meant to be fair for everyone, I assume.

But it's okay. There's only 31 days left.
That's a full month.

I'll leave this hell of a place, and move away.
Seal myself from the world.
It doesn't even like me; why would it care, right?

It's okay, Emma.

​31 days left.

31 days.

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