the one year i got a baha for christmas


2. intro

i guess this book deserves a proper intro. well my name is eddie. my first year into high school, and i'm pretty sure that i'm gonna be a pothead. I think my parents think that too. Probably how i got that baha. anyways, the story starts with marching band camp. i was on the field when kyle (i didn't know him yet) asks my name.

"Edmund?" i replied with confusion in my voice.

"Cool, can i call you little trippy." by now i had figured out that he was a stoner, so i just said

"Sure as long as i can call you big trippy." He laughed and agreed. By the second day, i was called little trippy casually by most of the low brass.

This is when i realized i was gonna be a pothead. i mean, my name was little trippy. it was pretty sweet. this is where my story begins. after all, i have so much more to do.

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