the one year i got a baha for christmas


1. my friends

you need to know a few friends of mine before you will start to understand this book. so i made this list. if you need to refer back to it at any time possible if need be.


Laura: one of my closest friends. plays trombone in band with me. she goes through times that are hard and no matter how much i tell her meditation helps, she won't do it.

Jesse: one of my closer friends. he is a percussionist in band and marching band. used to make fun of me but is now pretty chill.

Conner: used to be chill but after dating laura, breaking up with her, and dating another girl, half a week after, we all got pretty pissed. I try to forgive him for it.

Kyle and Zac: Kyle is one of my friends from marching band, and zac is from my geometry class. these two are my pothead friends. the reason of the title Baha.



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