It is about a girl called Eve who one night wakes up screaming and when going to hospital finds out she has cancer. It is from her little sisters point of view.


1. The Hospital

The noise hurts. I wish she would just shut up. the screaming, shouting, all of it. I don't know if its nightmare or a pain. I want to go help her, I do. But my body if frozen stiff.  "Call the hospital" My mum. Something is not right. I jump out of bed and run as fast as I can towards my sisters bedroom. She is as white as snow, she has a high fever. I know something is not right. The ambulance arrives just a couple minutes later. They lay her on a bed and they drive her to the hospital. Mum goes with her, I stay at home with dad. Mum rings us later on in the day. " Hello Darling." I don't know what my mum is saying, but I can guess through the tone of my dads voice. " oh no, should I come? Okay and what do I do with the other one?" Great, now I am just the "other one", he can't even call me by my name, Clara. My sister's name is Eve. She was born 2 years, 3 months, 6 days, 4 minutes and 11 seconds before me, which makes me the youngest in the family. My dad's going to the hospital to see Eve and he is leaving me at home by myself. I hope she is alright. I get scared being on my own. He is upstairs at the moment packing at overnight bag for Eve. Eve's real name is Evelyn, but everyone calls her eve. I just heard the front door shut. That is probably my dad on the way to the hospital. He didn't even bother telling me how long he will be, but he'll probably be phoning me later. i hope he does. 

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