It is about a girl called Eve who one night wakes up screaming and when going to hospital finds out she has cancer. It is from her little sisters point of view.


2. Charlie

Beep Beep. It's probably just dad.No, it's Charlie. Charlie is my boyfriend. We have been going out for about 3 months now. He likes to sing, dance, play board games and hang out with me. He is really cute.

"Hey babe, how r u?


"I'm alright." I text back." Why are you texting me at 2am"


"I heard about you're sis. Is she ok?"


"Yh, she's fine" I lie. I don't want him to know that I'm actually really scared.


"Do u want me to come over" I'm a bit nervous. I don't want him to see my like this. I look like I'm having a mental break-down.


"Yh sure." I only live 10 minutes away from Charlie. I quickly grab my coat from it's peg and walk out the door. It's very cold and windy.

We silently walk back to mine. The street looks deserted. It's as if time has frozen.


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