Pretty little liArs

They all are safe from A but are they safe from each other


2. ride or die

The sun kissing my skin as me and Sam board the plane she tells me that she loves me no matter what confused i just say ok I close my eyes and when I wake we're there In California I step down off the plane and I see Paige . My stomach lurches it takes me by a surprise I forgot everything . That's why Sam said that she remembers Paige lives here oh god .

She runs up to me and gives me this huge hug and when I turn around Sam is gone . Paige got an invitation to ugh . Why would Ali give all us all an invite . Paige gives me a ride to our place when I get there it's huge and right on the black front spencer is already there but Toby hugs me first . Then spencer . Toby more of a friend than spencer know .

I wonder we're aria is I wonder if she brought jake or Ezra with her. Then I see her but not with Ezra with jake the silence is weird for about 10 minutes until Mr.fitz walks in . Ali invited him to she knew that was going to happen Ezra came up to aria yelled surprise and gave her a kiss on the cheek then jake went and punched Ezra in the jaw then Ezra said what the hell man jake said that's my girlfriend wtf that's my girlfriend

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