Pretty little liArs

They all are safe from A but are they safe from each other


1. pilot

Ouch Hanna roommate wakes her up and they quickly start to fight. Hanna jumps out of bed puts on her shabby outfit she calls it then rushes downstairs it's been a year since A stopped sending messages and all the girls kinda drifted apart Ali is still and high school from the 2 years she missed while she was hiding from A . Everyone went to collage except Caleb . When Hanna steps outside she finds a package ondoorstep with 2 tickets for a trip to California from Alison .there a note attached saying bring anyone you want so Hanna decides to bring her roommate kae she quickly calls Caleb and he says he got an invite too...

Aria wakes up with sun beaming into jakes place it has a bunch of blinds quickly she tries to sneak out but he catches her and she says makes up a lie about how she has to get to mike cause. He's sick but clueless jake lets her go .Wonder why aria is in such a rush ? Cause she still with Ezra but also with jake in the past summer aria has Joined a sorority called omega wright which is not very good sorority she was changed into a new aria while she was there. But her mom Ella is back with Byron and mike okay but still dealing with Mona death but he needs to let go aria insists .

Emily gets a chill through her body as she jumps into the pool her shoulder is fully healed and she has broken multiple records she decided to take a year off collage to train she's moved on from Paige they haven't spoken in months Emily new girls friends name is Sam he'd and Emily have been dating for 5 months Emily's dad is still fighting in. Afghanistan . Emily lives in Florida were Sam lives .

Spencer yells your wrong across her dorm room at Toby . There arguing about Toby being a cop spencer says he gets injured to much but Toby and Spencer's relationship have been strained for a while . They claim that it's getting close to being over Toby was just visiting spencer at her Stanford dorm room . Spencer whole life has been strained lately

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