Crystal Guardians: Light Novel: Volume 1: The Girl With Eyes of Blue

Haruko Matsumoto is a ordinary teen living in Neo New York City, a city that cut itself off from most of the world for it pursuit for the knowledge of the universe. New York City, a city that accept both Magic and Science-Based powers as answers. In one night Haruko, meets a girl in blue who claims that she is a GOD, who power ignore the laws of Magic and Science. The story begins here.


2. Prologue: Part 2: BoRN In The Shadows

Prologue: Part 2: BoRN In The Shadows.


In a dark room. 

A female voice spoke out

"Did you hear?"

'Hear what?"

"Apparently the city was invaded by one person".

"Why are you telling us this?"

"Yeah would'nt this fall to the police?"

"There that, but you see there was a bounty given out for the intruder".


"Well I'd be dammed".

"That new".

"Yeah I never heard of a bounty being placed on a intruder". 

"Must be someone very important".

"The bounty was given out to all the magical organizations and cabals through out the city".

"Who order the bounty?"

"It does not say".

"So upon contacting us magicians they contact others magicians as well, and all out magical war and for what a person. That does not seem odd to any one?".

"Well the whole bounty order is crap, there is no posting of a reward-"

"I was talking about who the bounty was placed on dummy".

"Hey I was getting to that".

"Well 'who' was the bounty placed on any way?"

"It only came with a picture and a list of descriptions. Let me see.............Blue and black hair, blue eyes, between four feet tall, and is wearing a blue dress. That's it".

The woman started at the picture in her hand.

"This person is a child".

"A child?".

"Who would be after a child?".

"Obviously some one who is after what the child has in her possession".

The voice came from a man sitting in the shadows.

The man spoke.

"Let see, the bounty order was given out to all the magicians cabals throughout the city, but what organization is the biggest, the one which would know if there is an intruder in the first place?".


"The city?".


"Why the city?"

"There are many magicians through out the city with various powers such as ours, which leaves me to only speculate that she has some thing that can transcend our power".


"Can something like that truly exist, an item that can surpass our power?".

"Yes, magic was founded on belief that ordinary humans can achieve a power that was similar to the true gods and angels".

"The true gods and angels?".

"Yes, there are certain weapons and powers which can access a greater form of power the likes of which we had never seen before, the power that can create and end everything. A true gods power".

"If that the case then why is the city after that power?".

"The same reason why New York City allows us to stay here and practice magic".


"To achieve a higher power".


"Despite it size New York City is a country, and like any country it desires more. There is no doubt that the city or 'he' is after that power. Instead of weapons of mass destruction or an army, New York City wields those that have powers like pawns. The entire city can be thought of as a chess board, there are certain roles that are filled out, but the most important piece in chess is the king, but then the most important question arises".

"What would the question be?"

"What is a king to a God?"

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